Saturday, March 28, 2009

You would think...

That because I took my camera I would have a ton of pictures from the Spring Fling. Ha Ha...nope. I was busy socializing and kicking guys' butt in pool, thank Vinny, and in general flirting and having a great time. It was awesome.
I have only been to the Inn Complete once before and had no occasion to actually drink there, however this time I did and was pleasantly surprised by the prices. I was also surprised by the amount of entertainment there. It really makes me wish I would have gone there sooner in my grad school career. But oh well. I did have a ton of fun playing pool, having only one beer (I know I am kinda shocked too!), and in general laughing and having a great time. I really like this group of friends that I have here and it makes me sad to think that I am leaving.
I dont know where I am going, I dont know if I am going alone, all I know is wherever I can obtain a job, I am moving.
I really do love it here in CNY, but I am ready for a change. I really LOVE my job here at the mortuary school. Yes it did creep me out to see dead people, but now I realize they cant talk back to you and they dont get up and come after you like in the movies, so it is all good. That and I realized dead people not as bad as I thought. Now I can successfully see them being embalmed, afterwards or in any state, and I can go into the casket room and NOT be creeped out.
I guess that is the best way to get rid of certain fears, just keep having them thrown into your face until you are not afraid of them anymore? Who knows, but don't do that with spiders or snakes to me please. Thank you.
Ok. Time to go back to cataloging more books.

PS Yes I am librarian and I do like to read a lot of books. For a list of my favorite authors, among the many check out my profile, and you can also read a continous stream of well reviewed books here. This librarian reads more than anyone else I know. And for the most part her reviewed books are completely biased. Kinda nice sometimes you know?

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