Thursday, March 19, 2009

Books, books and more books??

So can you guess what my blog is about today? That's right! Books! I am continueing to catalog today. So much fun. I should have all the books cataloged by Saturday. Then I can tell all my students about the cool new reference books I have added to the catalog! Is it sad that I am happy to add all these books to the catalog? Nope not at all. You know why? Cause I am helping my students and nothing could be better than helping them. That is all.


  1. man I was hoping you were going to have a list of reccomended books on here! I am looking for some good books to read right now. Have fun catalouging!

  2. You would think that because I am a librarian I would have that for you Erin, but alas no I dont. I read less no than I ever have before.