Saturday, March 7, 2009

A student outlook...

Yesterday I needed to take my roommate to the airport to pick up a rental car. As I was sitting there in the fire lane waiting for her, because we brought the dog, I received an interesting text message from one of my best friends. Now said best friend works for Wal-Mart, and while I do not support this, I do support him having a job. And in this shaky economy I am very glad he does have one. However said best friend has never had to live and work off of minimum wage. Now said friend is doing that. Granted he is able to live with his parents, but they still make him pay rent and do chores around the house. Back to the text message. "So I got paid yesterday. How the hell have you been able to pay rent on min wage and pay for food at target."
Last summer I lived and breathed minimum wage hell. I worked at Target full time, and gas was over 4 dollars a gallon and was subsisting on very little money. So I told him the truth, I paid my bills on time including my credit cards, and rent, but basically did not eat that much. Last summer 24 dollars was what I usually spent on food for two weeks. I was so poor. Now granted I did not have to pay for my car, insurance, or cell phone but I did have to pay for everything else.
Back to the moral of the story, I was really freaking poor. I find it hilarious because this friend of mine is a huge conservative, fiscally and politically. He does not support the raising of minimum wage and he would like lower taxes. Now I am not going into it all, but this guy has always told me people can live on a minimum wage job. I find it utterly ironic that he spouts this and now he really cannot survive on a minimum wage job. I love him to death, but honestly how the hell did he think I lived on minimum wage? Well I didn't really.
On to another topic I guess. I graduate in two months. I would have a countdown but in all honesty in requires too much work to remember to count. I know that in two months my mother and Bethany will be here and I get to show them around the place I have called home for the last two years.
I was driving to work today and I realized that I have lived here so long I am able to figure out what roads intersect and almost no matter where I am in the city, or the surrounding communities I can get myself home, without the GPS most days. This is not to say that I will be getting rid of the GPS anytime soon, however it is nice to know that I am finally getting a sense of direction in this place.
On another note, I am attending Library Lobby Day on Tuesday. I am SUPER excited about going. I get to go and bug the legislators about remembering to give the libraries and education money. Yes I know that everyone needs a piece of the money that is being handed out, but really we need it too. I am hoping o post some pictures of that and I promise to blog about it, like you could stop me, after the event.
I love reading other peoples blogs. It passes the time for me. It keeps me from doing my homework. I read friends, and people I do not know blogs. I read my best friend's SIL blogs, because honestly she just constantly cracks me up. I do not know how she has time to blog at least three times a week, but I am really glad she does. So hilarious. So Tiffany if you are reading this, its a shout out to you! You make my week better with your hilarious stories. Ok I guess I better head into work for the day.

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