Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Working on it

I am trying so hard. And at times it feels like it was all for nothing.
I miss my friends in So Cal. I miss heat, like dry heat, not this humidity crap. I miss Latin food, I miss Sinbad's. I miss a lot of stuff.
But strangely I have no desire to move back to LA. I think I just need a road trip out of Syracuse. Which is why I am looking forward to the weekend after graduation. I get to drive to Albuquerque, NM. My best friend Andrew is graduating. I miss him like crazy and I haven't seen him since our best friend Bethany's wedding day.
I am so incredibly proud of him. He moved to a whole new place and has managed to really transform his life. He is an inspiration to me. And I really love him. So far he is the only man in my life to never let me down. So Andrew if you are reading this, thank you!
But seriously, when I drove to Syracuse from San Dimas, it took five days and my mother and I drove it together. My car was weighted down with stuff. Hopefully driving to NM will only take me two days. Why am I driving? Because I am crazy? Well yeah kinda but mostly because it is way too much money to fly out there or take the train or the bus. So much cheaper to drive. So it shall be nice. Just me and the road and my iPod, which I hope my stereo has been fixed by then so I don't have to burn a bunch of CD's. According to Google maps it is 29 hours away. I am thinking that I would drive to about Missouri or OK and then stop for the night. I figure if I drive from 5AM the first day until like midnight. And then the next day for about 12 hours and I should be there.
All I know is I need to in ABQ by Thursday at 10pm so I can pick up someone from the airport. Should be fun...

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  1. Yay!!! =D I will arrive around 10:45 that night. Woo-hoo!! I can't wait to see you and Andrew and have all 3 of us together! I know you and I will be hanging out the weekend before, but I don't think Andrew will be able to make it, since it's the weekend before his graduation... and it will be awesome for we 3 to be together again. =) Even if only for a weekend. Love ya!