Thursday, March 26, 2009

I cant think of a title

I cant think of a title for my blog. I cant even think of anything to blog about. But the idea of writing here and NOT writing my paper is much better. I really do like school but I feel as though I am done. I would really like the piece of paper that says I know a lot about libraries. I know how that sounds but I cant help it.
Ok I do have something to talk about. Mostly because I put the computer down and went to sleep. Men are confusing. And thats all I am going to say.
So today the iSchool is having a Spring Fling. It is at the Inn Complete at South Campus. Should be a ton of fun.
And Syracuse University is in the top 16(?) for basketball... I wish I cared enough to know more about it. This city is all about SU. Kind of funny I guess. So I guess I will blog if we win the championship....
I promise pictures from after the Spring Fling.
TA Ta for now!

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