Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Soon I promise

So I promise to blog VERY soon about Library Lobby Day. Including pictures and everything. However I was laying in bed the other night thinking of ways that I could help my students, low cost of course, in all sorts of fields. And then I remembered what technologies I learned during my internship. I used wiki's. So of course I could do that!!!
So I have decided that in addition to doing everything else I have been trying to do, I am going to make up a wiki for the students to use. It will have everything on there that they need. And I can always add more when and if needed. I can put up links to great resources for their projects, for small businesses, for state standards in mortuary business, for state standards when it comes to passing the tests, for everything they could possibly need.
Wiki's are great. Because then I can allow the students to upload the different items they would like, and can add whenever needed. Then we can also put up courses for the school, maybe even a section for the students to do book exchange type thing. It would be so awesome! Wow I am really avoiding writing this paper....

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