Friday, January 30, 2009

My quest for a job

So I was completing some homework last night when I realized a lot of deadlines for jobs I would like to apply to are coming up within the next week. I thought for at least one of them I had until the end of February, but no such luck. So today is Friday, and on Fridays I usually get to relax and read whatever book I had taken out of the library. Har Har Har. Today I am doing nothing but filling out job applications. Most of them are due by the first of February. So this means I get to have my wonderful roommate Kate sit down with me after she gets back from yoga and go over the cover letters and resumes I am about to prepare.
Some of you will be shocked when I tell you this, but I am actually applying for at least one academic librarian job. I know I know. I said I never wanted to work for another academic library, especially after APU. However there is a job that is relatively near my best friend Bethany, and I miss her like crazy. It is not the worst job in the world, and I think I might actually like it. I would not have to teach reference, which I find unbelieveably nerve racking.
For the most part I am applying to "special libraries." I really thought I wanted to work in a public library, however at this point in time the only positions I can find in public libraries is to be the library director. Now I know I can toot my own horn, and I am a pretty darn good librarian, however I am not that good. Not yet anyhow.
There are a lot of jobs out there for the many of us that would actually like to get a job in libraries, the only problem is most of them are for library directors. This is not just at the public library level, but as well as the academic library. When I entered grad school approximately a year and a half ago, we-my class- were told there would a lot of jobs in the marketplace when we graduated simply because all the baby boomers were retiring therefore job openings. HOWEVER all these baby boomers are LIBRARY DIRECTORS! And the positions for librarians who will eventually fill the library director positions take at least a year to open up. GGGRRR! All I can say is I am glad there is the internet. Without it, finding a job would be next to impossible.
I am not really a self starter, I mean I am but I have to have motivation. When I am at work, I am completely simply because I like getting the product out to the consumer as quickly as efficiently as possible with as little problems as possible. However when it comes to me, such as cataloging my DVD's, it does not happen.
On a happier note, I am not nearly as frustrated with Simmon's as I originally was. Ok I still am but now know how to approach it. I now know where the bindery is, (he he I got SO lost in East Syracuse) how to teach a lesson to people my own age or older, I am learning to do original cataloging, I am going to try and find a way to make their catalog better, and I am creating a spreadsheet so I can prove I need to buy books and others. So on this note I will say toodles and get back to my oh so exciting day of resume writing.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My snow covered life.

Wow that title sounds kinda emo right? LOL oh well. My life is snow covered. We have enjoyed several bitterly cold days with the snow on all sides of us and now are about to be dumped on again. I have settled into a routine of bundling up within an inch of my life, all the while trying to placate my mother and telling her of course I am wearing enough clothing. 3,000 miles away and she still worries whether or not I have enough on to ward off the cold. Makes me laugh, however also lets me know in her own way she loves me that much.
So I fretted and fretted about getting three job offers, well they didn't offer me a position at the public library. So I am SO happy about that. Starting to feel pretty good about working at Simmons and soon the internship. I am very scared about actually doing this internship, but the money wouldnt be so bad and it would make my resume look a little heaftier. I am now currently struggling as to whether or not to put it on my resume for a job that I am applying for. I start the internship on the 4th of February, and the application for the job ends on the 20th. So if I squeeze in one week of work I could have an idea as to what I have to do, and then put it on my resume? Or should I just go ahead and leave it off? That and this job requires an essay for why I want the job. I never know what to write on stupid essays. What do they want me to say? The truth is I want to help people. I have spent the year and half in grad school and still have no real idea where I want to end up. Preferably not on the West Coast. Preferably in a public library, but it doesnt matter. As long as I can help make their lives better. I used to say I wanted to change the world, but then I realized I am not the person who gets to decide if your life is good or bad. That is not my decision....I guess that is all I have to write...

Friday, January 16, 2009

~My~ Library

So here are some pictures of My Library. This is what you see when you walk into the library. The door is just left of that bookcase. This is a full frontal shot of what my book section looks like. You cant really see it, but there is a metal bicycle in the middle of that table holding candy in various parts. I personally don't get it, but what is a librarian to do?

This a great shot of my periodical section. The flowers I did not put there. There are a major amount of fake flowers in there. Oh I hate them. As you can see There are a lot of bound copies of periodicals. I am still working on getting more out the door to be bound. My boss has no idea where the account information for them to be bound is. Arg!

This is my "media" corner. That is a VCR, a TV of sorts, a projector that I dont think works, an electronic piano, a smattering of VHS', and a collection of I don't know what they are.

And this is my last wall, with a very outdated map, a periodical shelving unit thing, along with the founder of the school and my desk which is running Microsoft 2000. Now I promise to blog more either later today or after work tomorrow. For now I must finish Dexter and get ready for the day.

Monday, January 12, 2009

So my new job...

So on Saturday I started work at Simmons. Wow. I really wanted to post earlier about my first real librarian job, but honestly was completely overwhelmed. I still am. The good news, I managed to get some very insightful information about what some of the students want from the library. I really hope to get more on Tuesday when I see more of them. The bad news is, I dont even know how to start on the projects ahead of me. Not to mention I have not taught a lesson for anyone in about 3 years. Even then it was a history lesson for a bunch of high schoolers. This job, I mean wow. I really wish I could be there more like 15 hours a week. All they have budgeted for me however is 5 hours a week.

The worst part is, I don't even know what the worst part is. I am running on Windows XP, I think, and Microsoft 2000 on the office computers. Thankfully the computer lab is running Microsoft 2003. I worry however that if I create my powerpoint presentation on my laptop and save it in compatibility mode for 2003, will it still work on 2000? And vice versa? If i create it in 2000 can I still save it and run it in 2007?

One of the first things I did however was to make my contact information avaliable on the corner of the desk. Hopefully the students notice it when they come into the library. I also went throught the collection and put away the books that had been left out, went through the checkout cards to see if anything had been put back but without the card, and went through a stack of mail. Now most people like to get mail. I will not lie, I LOVE mail. However, I did not like going through the mail in the library. Apparently the registar/ administrative assistant just put everything library related in a pile for me. It had to be at least a foot tall. I realized however AFTER putting away all the magazines and everything else we had recieved that there was a magazine tower with about a month old of magazines on it. Well thats my job for tomorrow, thats right I have office hours during the week too. Along with introducing myself to a bunch of classes tomorrow. That and I really want to finish up a preparing my lesson for the students on research. And I really need to finish going through my syllabi and determining what classes have what books, and whether or not the library has them. However I did notice that out of the 6 or 7 students I met, they all came to the agreement on the position of having the textbooks the class calls for in the library. I did talk to the registrar about this, and she claims, and I am sure it is true, that at one point the library did contain all of the proper books, however with time they were borrowed and never returned. However there is a lockable cabinet in the library, and I am wondering if I can convince them to order all the current books for the classes and I can keep them locked up and ONLY used when I AM PRESENT. Do you think it will work? Lord only knows.

The bright side to my otherwise gloomy day there (did I mention that I cannot find the library catalog on thier computer? I am feeling like a failure as a librarian already) is I did meet a very nice guy. I don't think he is a young man, as he is 23 and has a kid. We talked for about 3 hours total. Wonderful conversation that flowed. Now I usually have a hard time talking to guys, especially ones that I am finding attractive, but it was so easy to talk to him, that my tongue was just loosened. Amazing conversation, and he hikes!!!! He lives about 45 minutes away and I told him I would not mind driving up there. He was telling me about this place that is great for hiking and I was jumping on that bandwagon for sure, LOL! I warned him i am a chicken when it comes to driving however so if the weather ever looked like it was bad or anything to that effect I would be sure to ditch him. Sorry dude, I am not from here and I know that I can drive in the snow relatively well, but not as well as most people around here. Plus I dont have 4 wheel drive, so I really try not to chance it.

All in all the day was not too bad. I am a little worried about never having a dull moment, wait scratch that. It is a really good thing when you dont have to worry about that. I think that is all for now, but I promise to be regularly updating on how this job is going.

Oh and as for that whole job crisis, I went to my interview this morning, and I found out the internship is for 15 hours a week for 10 weeks. Yikes! I thought it was 10 hours a week for 15 weeks. That I can do, 15 hours a week and four classes plus a part time job at Simmons might just kill me. He kept speaking to me as though I did get the job, so I think I got it. Would be interesting right? Stay tuned for more info. :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

How much can I handle???

So I have not blogged in a week. Woopie! I have already managed to blow a promise to myself, NOT A RESOLUTION, to blog more than that. Well I would love to say its because life has been so busy...but that would be a bald faced lie! To all those I told I would call back, and that I was busy, I havent been. I have been too busy reading cheap quick read books and watching cool movies and shoveling the driveway. I know I am a horrible friend, but I just wanted to be REALLY lazy until school starts when I know I am going to be so busy my head will constantly hurt. And now onto the real problem...See below.

I am having a bit of an issue and I thought about writing it down and seeing if it makes more sense this way. I recently have taken a leave of absence at the local Target I work at. Fine and dandy with me. I have also received a new job in town. I am now working as the librarian for Simmons Institute of Funeral Services. It is a two year degree performed within 16 months, in which a person learns to be a mortician/funeral director. It is a good job. It will give a lot of experience in not only teaching a searching lesson but also in original cataloging, and in general running a library. The only other real issue that I have, is Monday. I have a job interview with a local special library here in town. I would be an intern working on scanning images, working with metadata, and working in ContentDM. This would a fabulous opportunity no matter what setting. I would be able to learn a lot.

The next problem is I am pretty sure I was offered a job at the local public library. I really am leaning toward public libraries for after I finish my degree. I have spent a year in retail and follow numerous blogs about people who work in public libraries and can see they are practically one and the same. While people drive me crazy, it is what I want to do. So here is my problem. Do I botch the interview for the local special library in town? Or do I do well and turn down the public library job? Or do I just go with working only the special library job at Simmons? Maybe I will just sleep on it, or just worry about it when and if anyone offers me a job!
Onto bigger and better things!

Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year, A New Start...Sure

Well I guess I should have written this yesterday as it was the first day of a new year, however ha ha like that was going to happen. So this year I made a decision not to make any new years resolutions that I could not keep. How many people every year make resolutions for new years and don't keep them? Well not me. This year I have made only two:
-To look in the mirror at least once a day and tell myself that I am pretty.
-To gear work-outs not so I can get into that great pair of jeans, but so that I can walk up a flight of stairs and not be out of breath.
I am under the firm impression that if you talk about your resolutions, you will have more of a chance of sticking to them.

On another note, the rest of life seems to be going pretty well. My last semester of grad school at Orange University is about to begin, and in about 4 months I will have a degree. A degree that says I am trained in the library world. Scary thought, but one must move on. :)
Well as I have never really blogged before I think that is all for today. Toodles!