Thursday, April 30, 2009

Been a long time...

Been 9 days. Wish I could say that I don't miss blogging. I really do. But for now I am not writing anything big on here. I promise to write a couple really big blogs in a couple of days.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thought of the day..

If you really want to think back to when cell phones were invented you could say they have been around since the 1940's. They did have phones they took out into the battlefield with them into war...Interesting...

Sunday, April 19, 2009


So the iSchool had a prom. Yes I know how old I am. I still went. I borrowed this really cute skirt from a friend, threw on a tank top, fake set of pearls and some cute high heels to make the outfit dressy but not too dressy. It worked out really well. Cop out, most of this blog will be pictures cause I am freaking lame like that, and really have nothing else to say right now.
Couples dance! Most of them are practicing for their big day!!!

People chillin'.

People chillin'.

This is Ruth. She has got to be the cutest librarian ever. We have nicknamed her Polly Pocket!

The most awesome picture of Zack ever!!!

Possibly the most awkward picture ever. I dont even know what to say here.
Lame people not wanting to dance.

Our awesome shoes! Starting with the green dress, Ruth, Me, Laura, Melissa, and Rebecca.

Melissa being as cute and sweet as ever.

Leslie and Katy. They not only danced the night away, they were the last two on the dance floor.

That is all! Have a good day!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things I learn in school

Juran's 10 steps to quality management:
1. Build awareness of the need and opportunity for improvement
2. Set goals for improvement.
3. Organize to reach the goals (establish a quality council, identify problems, select projects, appoint teams, designate facilitators).
4. Provide training.
5. Carry out projects to solve problems.
6. Report progress.
7. Give recognition.
8. Communicate results.
9. Keep score.
10. Maintain momentum by making annual improvement part of the regular systems and processes of the company.
Have a nice day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh yeah still procrastinating....

Taxes are due today. At midnight to be more specific. Ah well I kept meaning to file them...But well other things seemed more important like sleeping, breathing, eating basically anything that didnt require me to file my taxes. Ah yes and the best part is, you have to know your AGI from last year to actually file your taxes. Silly me, I thought when Turbo Tax SAID they would keep my tax information for the year I wouldn't have to worry too much. Silly me. I really shouldn't do this every year. But alas I do. Tis sad really. Except while I am the queen at procrastination at everything else have never procrastinated on filing my taxes. Strange how that it is. So now here I am at 11:32 my time, that EST for all of you, trying to get my taxes filed in 28 minutes and I am on hold with the IRS to find out either my pin or my AGI. Yeah cause I am going to remember a 5 digit number from year to year. I am lucky if I can remember my pin number for my checking account half the time.
So now I sit here listening to classiscal music waiting for the IRS to pick up the phone. I promise mine will take less than a minute! Please answer my call!
Alright I am done. Goodnight all!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Still procrastinating.

So I went to a friend's hockey game tonight. He made the playoffs at 7pm and then had the final game at 9:30pm. I actually left the house early today and made it to the rink just before 9:20pm. Which is good because before 9:30 even rolled around they had scored their first of 6 goals. I know I have said this before, but I love hockey!!!! Especially live, men hockey. Their is nothing wrong with women playing hockey. I still enjoying watching it, however the men are so much more ruthless and willing to get smashed up and fight over the stupidest things.
I went to the game. I watched intently. The only time I stopped watching I was replying to a text message from my student about a paper, and that is the only time my friend fell. I felt bad for not seeing how it happened, but not too bad cause he falls at least once a game.
Needless to say, they won their game. It was great. This is the third year in a row they have one the title. I feel kinda bad that no one else but me was there to watch.
At the end I told him I made him brownies but I would bring them tomorrow. I really wanted to hug him in congratulations and I asked him if he did want a hug. His response still makes me laugh, I'm sweating so I didnt think you would want one. Ha ha except he said the Yiddish word for sweating that I know for sure I will butcher and I am sure spell check wont help. All in all a great time. I was asked during the game which side was which, and for the first time I could honestly answer. I am still learning my vocab for hockey but I am not doing too bad. I only hope the next place I move too will have a good hockey team i can cheer for. That and whatever my next job is, I hope it pays me enough to have cable so I can watch sports on TV.
I think that is all for now.
Yay Zack and the Legal Limit! 3 years running now!

Paper from hell

I am writing a paper from hell with my friend Sarah. This paper is going to be the death of us since it has to be 6 pages single spaced. Good God I forgot how much I hate writing like this. The good news: Sarah is really good at giving me bullet points and research and I am REALLY good at pulling off that amount of pages in a short amount of time. Really good. Now if only I could do that for the rest of my life.
As a side note, I just heard that a friend and I should get it out of the way and just get it on. Yeah right. I need more friends. Boyfriends can be sucky, and I dont need them.
Until another time!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I really must admit

That I love people opening my mail for me. It takes all the anxiety I might have about what is inside the envelope away. Especially when the envelope specifically says to be opened by addressee only. It really is quite nice. No real worries to wonder about.
I especially love finding library materials that are already cataloged all over the school. Granted the school is not even as big as a city block, but really I love finding all of my materials everywhere. It really helps me out, and really shows me that not only do the teachers respect me, but also the students.
I really love our "handy man/cleaning guy." He comes into the library and tells me the tales of how much better the world was before computers and cell phones and the new fanged thing called electricity. Oh man I really love that. I love how he guilt trips me by telling me he straightened out a pile of papers that was so messy. Especially since I spent over a half hour trying to artfully and creatively place them around the library so the students would notice them and learn more from their education. Oh yes I really love that.
BTW this is all sarcasm. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just a little

Something, something..
I just felt the need to say, what is up with this weather? It is the 8th(!) day in April and it is snowing outside. Seriously! What is up with that? Who really knows anymore. I just do not want it to be too cold when graduation rolls around.
For anyone that felt like going to commenecement for Syracuse University on Mother Day 2009 aka Sunday May 10th, 2009, our current Vice President of the United States of America shall be speaking. And while I would rather slowly kill myself than go to a two and a half hour commencement, I know that I would surely regret it if I did not go see this. So it saddens me that I will not be taking my best friend to the airport that day, never fear(!) I will see her the next weekend! YAY!
I really don't know what else to say. Perhaps you shall get more tomorrow. Though I highly doubt it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So frustrated

So today my mother calls me and asked me if I needed all this information about commencement and convocation that was sent to her house. Now I KNOW for a FACT that I did put my Syracuse address as the address that everything about convocation and commencement should be sent to because I did NOT want my mother to have to mail everything to me. However because my PERMANENT address is still her address because I never know where I am going to be after graduation, this assumes I will get a real job-LOL yes I know it would help to get a real library job, not that the mortuary school isn't one- I only put her address because worst case scenario she could mail my diploma to me.
And that is another thing I kinda want to laugh at. I worked for four long years to earn my high school diploma, no idea where that one is. I have the outer doohickey thingy that they gave us at graduation when we walked across the stage. And I worked another 4 1/2 years to earn my undergraduate degree. My mom even bought me a really cool frame to hang it in. Guess where that is? If you guessed inside the box that the frame came in under the bed, then you are RIGHT! I know that I worked so hard for these degrees, and maybe someday when I have an office or apartment or house of my own I will want to hang them where people can actually see them and say, well isn't that swell. But for now I really don't have a place for them. The only things that are hanging on my walls right now are painting my mother and father have done, one for each, and a quilt my mother made for my, wait I have to flip the quilt over to check, 24th birthday.
Yes I realize it is sad that i have to look at the quilt to see when she made it, but in my defense its not the only quilt she ever made me. I have the one from my 16th or 18th birthday, the one from my 24th and my 25th birthday. I also have one she made me at some point in high school that my band director and a lot of the kids were jealous over. I also have this flannel one, though I am pretty sure I just stole that because its so darn stinking cold in Syracuse, and I also have the very first quilt she ever made. That thing is so old. Our old cat used to puke on it. And yes I still have it, because that cat is the first pet I can remember having and I loved him so much. Harry, from Archie and Harry. Some comic book my mother used to read...
Anyways I am pretty sure that is the end of my rant. But check back later cause I am sure I have more to say...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Long Hike

Today I was finally able to meet up with the members of the Syracuse Outdoor Club. They are a group I have been a part of since January, however because of scheduling conflicts, on my part, I have never been able to go on a hike with them.
It was a pretty long drive. All the way up the 81 to the Tully exit. To my Cali friends, they have no idea what that means. Basically it means I had to drive over 20 miles to the middle of now wheresville. Fun stuff. Actually it was fun. Something that I am going to try my hardest to do again. I am not going to lie tho. It was hard. And I fell, a lot. A couple of times in front of this pretty good looking guy. But who cares, cause it was awesome!!!
Driving up
Driving up
I am still in disbelief by how much snow was there in April
Still driving...yeah it was pretty far away

The start of our trail..the first one.

Ha ha it was cold...
I want to say this was the second trail. But the second trail turned out to be the right trail? I am still not sure.
Some of the people on the hike.
This was the falls we hiked so long for. This is some of the members that managed to make it up to this point. The second and first trail were both labeled with blue dots, which mean that you are on some sort of trail. Nice County, makes everything the same colored..
A close up of some of the people. The falls were not that huge or impressive. But the people I got to hike with and the beauty that surrounded me up there was the part that was impressive to me.
This is the one picture I have from the lean-to. Greg encouraged me to go all the way to the top. I choose to tease him about it. And man this hike proved how out of shape I am. Ha ha. Thanks! Hope you enjoy the pictures.
I promise to hike more in this region and provide more spectacular pictures.
PS Figured out how to make a postal worker blush. Ask him if he just wants to hike with the pretty girl. :-) Not me. I NEVER would ask that. LOL Hope you enjoy the pictures.
EDIT: Go here for pictures I did not take. And for more cute shots of me...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bad Date

So my therapist suggested I not date for a while. He suggested that until I reestablish a good contact with my father I take a break. Even from liking guys. I thought to myself, ha ha thats funny. But after last night, I think I will try his advice. The whole not dating thing I mean, I need to get grad school over with before I try things with my dad again. Mostly because, well I know he sucks a lot out of me, and I feel really burnt out from school as it is.
So this date, I had a bad feeling about it. The guy was a lot older than I care to date first of all, almost 38. But he seemed nice, but then again he didn't. It was quite complicated. I vented all of the details to the BFF last night. I really don't feel like I can even vent anymore. And I really hope he doesnt contact me ever again. Like ever.
I would delete his number from my phone, however I want to know its him so I don't text him back or answer the phone if he calls.
I should go back to work now..Although for the life of me. I don't know. I'm just so tired..
And I really miss two of my friends. I really messed up and I don't know how to fix it. Someone just pray that I can find peace. Cause right now that is what I am craving.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh yeah a great day...

So I woke up four hours late today, my computer isn't working properly-at least not at first, the battery on my computer is now poor, I think I broke facebook on my cell phone, and I graduate from grad school in like a month. Yeah now pressure.
The worst part is...its a beautiful day outside and I really need to stay inside and write this stupid paper...
Oh yeah what a great day...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So I just need...

To vent...
This guy on messenger just said "your attractive in that certain je ne cet quois way" Whats up with that? gggrrrr arrggg. I'm HOT! And intelligent. And a lot of other stuff.