Thursday, March 5, 2009

To Therapy or Not to Therapy

So I have tried to keep this blog fairly upbeat and positive and not incredibly personal. It is personal but not to much. Any who...I wonder how personal a person gets on a blog. I know some of the blogs I read are incredibly anonymous to the ones where you can blatantly tell who it is. I guess I have decided to be fairly anonymous. People who read this can tell where I live and what school I go to, but I have tried to keep my name off of it. Simply for privacy sake, because there are many things I want to rant on here, but haven't quite gotten the guts to do.
But there is a topic that I would like to blog on. Mental health. It is just as important as eating healthy and exercising, physical health. However it is not something that many people pay attention to. Going to therapy. It is not seen as social normal and yet it is. I asked a friend about it before class the other day and he responded with the comment of he loves it. He would go twice a week if he could. I used to go. A long time ago. A lot has happened to me in the years since I went, but I also wonder what to tell them. Everything remains confidential when you go, but how much do you really tell someone.
In case you couldn't tell from the shift in language I am now in therapy. There are many things that I wouldn't say wrong with me, but things that I need to talk out. I started going today. I am working with a really nice guy. He doesn't make me feel uncomfortable which a lot of men do. He instead is nice and pretty easy to talk to.
On to another topic. It is halfway through the semester and I am starting to loose my momentum on the homework front. I really need to get a lot done. I have a paper due on Sunday that I have not even started it. I have a huge report due next Thursday, again haven't started it yet. I have a paper due tonight, that I am sure I will finish by tomorrow. I just canceled a meeting for tomorrow.
I keep getting this feeling to just up and take off somewhere, to move and start over again. The problem is where? I need a job before I move. I am not moving back to California, unless I get a job that I applied for out there. But there is just so much crap out there that I really do not want to deal with. It is really scary to just up and move but totally worth it.
Man I have just procrastinated the crap out of every day for a very long time. I just want to be done with school. I know I will not truly be done until after I finish my second master's however, it is at least one chapter of the book that I can close with the graduation with this degree. It means that I will be qualified to be a librarian. I am qualified.
I had my first reference question at work the other day, and I am not going to lie. The reference interview you learn about, totally had to go through it. It really does help. Maybe I should try doing it on myself before I start doing research for homework. That would be funny! Ok I really have to stop procrastinating and actually finish studying for this midterm. Yes that is right a midterm in grad school. Who knew.
Oh yeah to procrastinate a little further. I kept telling my mom that if I got a job in any place that had the same amount or more of snow that this place gets, I am going to give her back my car and buy a new one. Ha ha yeah right. I love my little car. I will just put snow tires on my car. Besides do I really want to have to worry about yet another bill every month? No. Ok. Now I really have to do homework.

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