Monday, March 30, 2009

Most people I know...

Most people I know blog on a routine. Mine was supposed to be Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. However lately I have felt more and more like blogging. I also thought to share some more pictures on life in general.
Hopefully tomorrow when I go to work I will here the rats moving around and it will inspire me to write about something better.
This crazy kid is Nilo. He can sing!!! He is so good at it!
This is me and Nilo having a great time!
This is the gang that I went out with. Many that was a fun night!!!!
Irene and I were singing

Me and Irene singing No Doubt's "I'm just a girl" at least it was either that or an N'Sync song. Yes I know we are horrible....
This is Wasim taking pictures of everyone else, Irene in the background and some guy who I was staring at all night cause I thought he was hawt. I wonder why I didn't give him my phone number...Oh yeah cause I am a chicken..
So anyways. That was over a week ago...
On Friday I set out to go hiking and wound up lost in Pompey and then headed over to Skaneateles. That was fun. Somehow managed to find a back way from Skaneateles to Syracuse and then was in the Valley. I know, I know only me could do that. I was trying to find Guppy Falls. It turns out I wanted to go to this place that wasnt Guppy Falls and I had made a wrong turn off the freeway. Oh well it was still nice to see the countryside and I was nice and relaxed after I got back from my little drive. I was not able to go hiking yesterday mostly because it was raining all day. And while there are days that I like to hike in the rain, yesterday I preferred to stay indoors and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer all day. I know I am horrible. And I really don't care.
On Friday I went to the iSchool social and that was awesome...Except I already talked about it.
The part of Friday that I did not blog about is seeing Watchmen. Now I am not really a comic book person, but I freaking loved Watchmen. The gore was a little much for me to handle but this is a movie that is going on my bookshelf as soon as it comes out. And I actually might buy and read the graphic novel.
Now I am not usually a graphic novel person or comic books or anything like that. However it might be worth it.
Oh and for Erin who I know will eventually read this. I promise to get a list of my favorite books on here after graduation. Along with a list of books that I recommend and all that jazz. Peace out!

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