Friday, December 23, 2011

Headache please go away...

My brother has come home for the holidays, I sometimes wonder who defends our military bases during the holidays as most people I know come home during this time. What this means is tense living situation, my brother burning through oodles of my mother's hard earned money and in general him telling us the house is a disaster area.
Now my brother is in the Navy, has been since June, however it means that his starting salary is 2x what mine is. However he has had my mother buying everything for him, whatever. Since moving back I have always made way less than him, payed off all my debts and do not live off my mother.
Anywho when I say that he thinks our house is a disaster area, it means that I never clean the house. I do clean, I use vinegar and baking soda to clean everything, which means I usually have to clean the house 2x a week. But I have four dogs and two cats, so I am not a fan of using bleach or pinesol to clean. Thus now because he is using those chemicals all over the house, I now have a raging headache. And I am trying to finish an overdue paper in the midst of this all. Joy to the world! Don't cha just love the holidays?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

What I have been up to.

Lately I have been hiking, and hanging out with my amazing boyfriend. :-) He makes life so much sweeter.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Real adults use real solutions.

I’m frustrated. No I don’t think frustrated is a strong enough word. Pissed off might be though.
This morning started like many others: I got up, had coffee, fed the cats, rushed around getting ready for work, and finally went outside to go to work.

Now I live across the street from an elementary school, so I try VERY hard to stay VERY far away from MY OWN HOUSE during school hours. This includes both pick-up and drop-off times. I believe it is ridiculous the way parents are with their kids. They tend to try and park in my driveway, they move my trashcans, and today of all days, they blocked my driveway. ARRRGGGGGG!!!

I walked outside opened my gate and was rewarded with a car blocking MY ENTIRE DRIVEWAY. So I did what I believe was rationale. I ran inside told my mother that I wanted to smash the car, and then we called the police. I also ran across the street to the school and asked them to page the owner of the car. I was so mad I was shaking.
The owner of the Mazda did not show up. We called the police again. They finally showed up. I had to call in late to work. She finally showed up around 9:15 saying she didn’t realize it was a driveway. How can you NOT realize it’s a driveway? There is a huge dip in my fence and includes a gate! Granted my driveway is not the prettiest around, and we are truly working on it. I just couldn’t believe it!

On top of it all, the cop who showed up, did not even tow the vehicle. He did not even want to write her a ticket until my mom said a couple of really bad things to the lady.
Real adults use real solutions to problems. She asked me if that was in her conflict book. I said maybe, or maybe I just thought it up. She said “if it’s not in my book, then would you mind if I put it in my book?” I laughed and said of course.
My question is, can I please bill her for my time that was supposed to be at work, plus medical, dental and vision and my 401k? That is the deductions that are removed from my paycheck, so I would like those back! What is your opinion?

I included pictures for your "enjoyment."
PS If you see this car, with the same license plate, I almost wish I could tell you to feel free to block her in.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Tribute

"Where were you when it happened?" That question was asked a the first year or so after the twin towers were attacked.
I was getting ready for my second day of freshman year of college. I had turned on the news while getting ready. Channel 7 was broadcasting footage of the twin towers under attack. I called my mother into my room and asked, "Is this some kind of sick joke?" I remember her answer all too clearly, "I do not think it is. God in Heaven, help us. Start praying." I looked at her and asked if I still had to go to class. Of course I did. I believe most of the campus spent the next two days in chapel.

10 years later, we have barely executed a man who supposedly create this tragedy. I don't know if I believe all the conspiracies theories-did the government have any idea that we might be attacked, etc. All I know is, our nation has poured billions of dollars into another country, a country where we are not wanted and some would say not needed. 10 years later, can we honestly say we are any safer now than we were then?

Many, many questions. Will there ever be helpful answers?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time for school already?

I simply cannot believe the summer is over already. It really does not seem possible. I could swear it was just yesterday that it was my birthday, which to me starts the beginning of summer, and now it is already almost Labor Day. Ho hum.

Well I did get to go on vacation this summer. Nick and I went to Seattle, WA. Originally we went to visit my good friend Bethany, but we wound up spending most of our time by ourselves and his family. It was a nice and relaxing trip. Since I am STILL working in the retail industry, it was nice to go on vacation before the major holiday rush starts.

This was taken as we were hiking down to a trail.

The water looked really close, but it was actually 2.5 miles away...

Nick on the trail.

We finally made it down to the water...

We took a little breather... And then we headed straight back up the hill...

I laid down in protest about 3/4 of the way back. After we got to the top I demanded some water, a shower and then a beer. Overall, a great day!!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Been over a month?

I am having trouble believing it has been more than a month since I have blogged. I blame school. Or Nick.

I guess I should introduce Nick. He is pretty much awesome! I met him through ok cupid. He is everything a girl could want in a man. Kind, caring, generous, sweet, giving, courageous, goofy and totally has the same sense of humor as I do. In other words, he is perfect for me. I am a pretty firm believer in the whole, the person is not perfect, but is perfect for the person they are with philosophy. Makes sense for me anywho. So for now here are some pictures. Enjoy!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Am I a Christian or a Democrat?

*Warning I am still pretty peeved that someone would say this to me, but it just shows how ignorant he is.*

On Saturday May 7th, against my better judgement, I went on a hiking date with a very conservative man. Now I have been on dates with conservatives in the past, and usually they are a little rude to women. I do not think it is all conservative men, just the ones I happen to date that are this way.
One major thing, he did not believe he had to follow the rules. So his huge 105 pound German Shepard, he refused to put on a leash, even when he was asked by several other people with dogs and riding horses, he still refused to leash his dog or hold onto his dog when others approached.
When crossing one of the parts to the creek I almost fell in and made a comment about it. His response "Oh yeah I guess I should have helped you across that part..." Basically it was not the worst date I have been on, but pretty damn close to it!

We have been texting back and forth for the last couple of days. Every time he has had a conversation with me I have been dreading them. On Wednesday night he tells me that he is ready to move out of Pomona because the "homeless" keep rifling through his garbage "causing the trash collectors to no longer pick up my trash." So because of that he took his trash and "just dumped it somewhere." Now I am in shock over this, I am thinking that he is just joking and just threw it into a random dumpster. Nope he threw it into a random street because "I pay city taxes therefore its the cities problem with the homeless so they can clean up the mess." At this point I told him to loose my number. Which he goes off into this long tirade to the point where I thought I was going to have to call my cell phone company and block his number. The last thing that he said to me really hurt more than anything else any man or woman has said to me in a while. "How can you call yourself a Christian and be a liberal." Because I believe in a woman's right to choose what happens to her body, and because I believe that no matter what your gender or orientation you should have the right to marry whom you please, I am not a Christian.
Now I wish I had a better response for him, but I do have a better response now. The response I gave him is "Christ loves everyone no matter their race, creed, sexual orientation, gender, job, or beliefs. I try and model my life after Christ. Therefore I must love everyone! I wish I could say that I have spent hours pouring over my Bible to have Biblical answers, but I don't. What I know is that Christ didn't believe in discrimination, so why should I? That is the only answer I can give. Sometimes it is the simplest answet that is the best answer. Alright I think I am done harping on that.

The best part of the date? I got to see baby hummingbirds in their nest. So cute!
My political/spiritual beliefs
1. I believe God is bigger than ANY ONE person can begin to imagine or describe.
2. I believe that without a personal relationship with Christ and accepting him into your heart, there is no "life" after this life.
3. I believe that one must nurture and grow with said relationship. Some growing can take place on your own, but being around like-minded people helps you maintain and grow your relationship. And yes reading the Bible as well. The Bible was written for ALL generations prior to this one as well as ALL after this.
4. I believe the welfare/food stamps needs to have an overhaul audit take place. Anyone who has been on the system for longer than 5 years AND has had at least once child while in the system can afford to be out of the system.
5. I believe many people in our congress women/men are over paid. Seriously, if I have to pay for gas to get to work and for my car, as well as pay for my own transportation to vacations, so can you.
6. I believe that all persons, regardless of who they love are entitled to marriage.
7. I believe I have no right to tell another person what to do. That being said I don't like abortion and I would never have one, but it is not my place to make your decisions.
8. I believe humans are quickly killing our planet. My part is remember to not only recycle but to also purchase local, fair trade and recycled products. Every little bit helps!
9. I believe that the best way to see God's wondrous miracles is to go into nature, and often.
10. I believe everything and everyone deserves respect. (I am personally working more and more on this one.)
11. I believe in many more things, and I sure this list will continue to grow every year.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

School Again?

I started back at APU in my MLOS degree on Monday night. The professor is a woman who I took a class with before, one of the many I have taken before withdrawing from the program. (I think it is APU sometimes, I love the place, but finishing my education there has been like pulling teeth....)
The people in the class are intelligent, interesting, come from many different backgrounds and quite friendly. We decided on our group project teams and topics on the first night, and when the professor reminded the class the paper had to be in APA citation everyone groaned except for me. I actually think I said "cool." People looked at me puzzled, I responded with "I am a librarian, I teach APA citation, its not a problem. If you need help contact me." They asked me to join their group on facebook. I will admit I haven't done that yet, I have been a little busy with computer issues.
I will also admit it is rather nice to be wanted. The professor even asked me if I would teach a refresher course if anyone needs it. I am more than happy to teach a refresher course, keeps my skills up to date. I also volunteered to help anyone and everyone with research, which seemed to go over quite well.
The only part of the night that was a little out of whack was when the professor introduced the Biblical perspective. Now I understand I go to a Christian school. I love and embrace that fact, most of the time. However I do think there is a time and place for certain elements of the Christian perspective.
This week the perspective was submissive leadership, and the story to go along with it? Jonah! I think we can all agree that Jonah definitely didn't do what the Lord wanted him to do and he paid the price. Now it is not the story that I am little peeved about, but rather the fact the professor showed a DVD of Veggie Tales in class. I am 28 and the youngest student in class, and I am quite offended by the showing of Veggie Tales. I don't appreciate having a cucumber singing at me. I didn't find it that amusing as most people in the class did. There has to be a better way to teach submissive leadership than Veggie Tales, right? Now back to homework...

Where good computers die

From August 28, 2007 until April 25, 2011 I have used the same laptop. I purchased an HP 19 inch laptop when I started grad school in Syracuse, NY. I even argued with HP over whether or not they should replace my motherboard when it died 3 days after the warranty expired on that laptop, I won that argument! I even learned how to back up everything when that happened.
About 4 weeks ago I purchased a new monitor when the screen on my laptop stopped working. And for the first time in a long time, on Monday night I got very excited about making a powerpoint presentation so I could teach and show my fellow master's class how to properly cite APA. And then I woke up on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning kind of sucked. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, figuratively and literally. The construction workers were at my house, pounding out the frame for the new shower for my mom's bathroom. The cat was running all around my run, scared from the noise. I went to get a cup of coffee and of course there was nothing left. I went to take the dog for a run, and she was unbelievably annoying as well. I finally came home, went to turn on my computer-it used to take 20 minutes for it to start up before I could actually use it, and the log in screen never came up. I thought "that's odd," powered it off manually and tried again. Three or four times later, I finally got it through my head. The computer was not going to turn on. It finally died for good.

Now I was kind of expecting it. The computer was a PC, and it was 3 1/2 years old. That is a pretty good run for a PC. I had used and abused it for the first two years, so I was pretty happy that it had lasted as long as it had. I was planning on purchasing a new computer this fall when my student loans kicked in.... While I did start class on Monday night, because of the way the school schedule is, I wont be able to pull out money until this fall. I was okay with that. I had come to terms with it. I knew that it was going to be eight weeks of hell and then I could do two jobs for the summer, and throw myself back into school this fall. Little did I know....

Thank goodness for my mother. I really just do not know where I would be without her. She had some money set aside from her last paycheck, we were thinking about purchasing a new washing machine. Lowe's has a sale going on, for a washer that is significantly better than ours as well as more energy efficient. Along with the federal program of a rebate and our water company would give us a rebate it would financially be worth it. However the more we thought about it, the more we wondered. Is it really green to upgrade to a newer model when the one you have already works? Granted we were going to donate the one we have to a family friend who is in need of a washer, but it is still something to think about.
But I digress, my mother and I went to the computer store at Azusa Pacific University mostly to talk her out of purchasing an iPad. When we went in there, we discovered the "last year" models of MacBook Pro's were on sale. Not a huge sale but enough of a sale for my mother to tell me that it was ok for me to get a new computer. So YAY I am officially a Mac.

The past 24 hours have been interesting. I had almost everything I needed saved to my external harddrive, or at least I thought I did. Everything that I didn't have saved that I absolutely needed right away was on my email, so that is a relief. The rest of it my friend can pull off the harddrive of the laptop later on. Not only do I get to learn how to use a Mac, I also get to learn how to use an iPad. My mother decided while in the computer store she very much wanted an iPad for her business, so she got one. We are slowly but surely becoming Mac people. While I was very much against getting an iPad, my mother does need it for her business and gets to write off the expense at the end of the year. Plus we got a free wireless printer for purchasing the Mac. I only use a printer once a month, but its better than not having it, plus ours was about to die.
Up next? Waiting for the T-Mobile and AT&T merger to complete so I can get the newest iPhone!!!! But that wont happen until next year. I can wait!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I am one of those people who actually enjoy opening up my Google reader and seeing the many different blogs I subscribe to having posted that day. I read a great deal of blogs, most of them do not show up on here-for reasons I cannot figure out. (I do know a great deal about technology, I am pretty savvy when it comes down to it, but this blog is not always user friendly, and I am usually in too big of a rush to do anything about it.) However I am also one of those people that gets SO disappointed when I have to wait up to a week or so for some of my favorite blogs to have a new posting. But recently I have been becoming more and more aware of what an oxymoron I am!
I sit here and expect people to entertain me with stories of their life, recipes, baby/wedding/childhood news, and yet I give almost nothing in return to my readers. So while this blog post will wind up saying almost nothing at all, I felt the need to let you all know I am still alive. :)

A couple of things have kept me from posting lately.
1. Construction. We have had construction going on at our house for about 2 months now. We are hoping that it will all finished by the end of next week. *sigh*
2. I have been a little down in the dumps lately. Mostly because of my lack of anything in the form of chocolate. I have been working out extremely hard, cutting calories, eating tons of veggies and I haven't lost any weight, just inches. I feel better I just don't look better yet. *sigh*
3. I have been a little concerned with going back to school. Wondering if I still "have it." Wondering how it has been almost 10 years since I started at APU and yet I am STILL there. At least I am finishing a MA, not still working on a BA.
4. Nothing really exciting has been going on in my life. I went to Disneyland three times in three weeks, but that is not that exciting, hence the lack of blogging.

So while I might be agitated with myself for not blogging, I don't want you all to be. On Friday I am taking myself out to Huntington Gardens in Pasadena for part of the day after picking up the first half of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows that comes out!!!!! *SQUEE* So I will take pictures of the gardens and post on here. At the very least at least you will get something to look at next week. Now time for me to go to work!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sometimes I am a moron.

Sometimes, as we have all done, I realize I made a gigantic mistake. Now I mistakes just like anyone else.
Now I recently realized that I really like this guy, let's call him Tyrone. He has been a friend for about a year now. Tyrone is wonderful, sweet, kind, caring, funny, and adorable. There were many reason to not be with him as more than a friend for the past year. Eventually these all melted away. Now I am pretty sure I do not love him, but I know when I look at him, he makes me smile.
Tyrone is dating someone else. We talked about it last night. He is such a wonderful man and I am happy for him. However I will not lie, I did tell him that if they break up, I want to try this for real.

Tyrone knew that I liked him, but knew that I was having trouble with it. I was having trouble with it for one reason, Andrew. Although I love that man more than I care to admit, Andrew is the reason why I did not tell Tyrone sooner. Andrew does not like Tyrone, even though Andrew has only met Tyrone once, about 9 months ago.

Now Andrew has seen me date some very horrific men. I am not the best judge of character sometimes when it comes to men that I date. However the reasons behind Andrew not liking Tyrone are non-circumstantial,they do not matter anymore.
Tyrone is a man that never makes fun of me, unless I already making fun of myself. He makes me laugh, he has never threatened or actually hit me, never hurt me in any form. He encourages me when I am down, and rejoices with me when I am happy. He is generous without me asking for it, never expects anything in return, kisses me with passion that I do not think that I have ever felt before. He opens doors for me, compliments me a lot and most importantly makes me laugh.

Last Friday 3/25 I took him to Disneyland with my bff Kim. She loved him. Thought he was the best guy ever. She couldn't understand why we are not together. This past Friday we went to Disneyland with my bff Kim and her hubby and son, I have a season pass to Disneyland-I don't think I have mentioned it. Her husband gave the stamp of approval.

Now I guess I sit back and wait to see what happens with everything in my life. I am letting it go. If it's real, it will come back to me someday, right? One can only hope...

EDIT: I really did not know if I was going to post this particular blog entry. I sat on it for almost a month. However this guy is one of the reasons why I haven't been posting as much. I am a down in the dumps about him. So what is a girl supposed to do? Sit around and pine for him? Well I tried that. It sucks. So instead I am taking charge of my life and put myself out there. What is the worst that can happen? I discover he really ISN'T the one for me?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Patricks Day

I am too tired to do any actual REAL research into St. Patricks Day, however you can read about it here. It was a holiday, just like all the rest.

Every St. Patrick's Day I toast to my grandparents who loved each other the best they knew how, and to a wonderful life they are hopefully having now.
Don't forget to wear green on St. Patrick's Day!

I didn't drink, well with the exception of a Bud Light Lime- hey what can I say, it is all I had in the house. Of course having to work at 7:45am the next day kinda puts a damper onto the whole "let's get drunk and stupid" mantra.
What is the protocol for what a person is supposed to do on the anniversary of the day they were supposed to get married? Yes four years ago, 2007 I was supposed to get married on St. Patrick's Day. It is my maternal grandparents anniversary as well. I thought it was cute and romantic. So what am I supposed to do that day? Get drunk? Toast the ex who is married now? I am not bitter, I am the one who broke off everything, I am never sorry that I did not marry him. I would be have two kids by now if I had married him, and I would have never gone to grad school in Syracuse, NY and have all the wonderful friends I have out there. So I never focus on what I could have had except for the day before and the day of St. Patrick's Day. All's well that ends well! :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Need some advice

Recently an article came up to my attention regarding my previous employer, and I honestly want some advice.
Should I take off this employer from my resume? I had a great deal of experience in the nine months that I worked there, most of my teaching and reference work was there.
Only once did I feel uncomfortable and I quickly got out of that scenario. I guess you could say it is a positive thing that I moved back to California and I am no longer the librarian there.
I have never used them as a reference, mostly because I didn't think the owner liked me very much. I have a sinking feeling the only reason they hired me is because I was the only one who even applied for the position....
So what do you think? Keep it or drop it?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yummo! I have the most delicious recipe for you today! Oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies. I love oatmeal raisin cookies, but I had a half bag of chocolate chips just sitting around so I thought to throw them in. Bake them less than the recommended time and they are so worth it! You might want to try adding some honey as well, that is what I am thinking this batch is missing.

-1/2 cup of butter plus 6 tbsp, softened.(I personally like to melt the butter, it seems to make cookies a little softer)
-3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
-1/2 cup granulated sugar
-2 eggs
-1 teaspoon vanilla
-1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
-1 teaspoon baking soda and ground cinnamon
-1/2 teaspoon salt
-3 cups of quick cooking oatmeal, I use Quaker
- 1 cup raisins
I sometimes use oatmeal raisin cookies to throw everything in. I usually throw in walnuts or pecans and cranberries, but didn't have either, just had the chocolate chips-and who doesn't want those to go to waste? :P

1. Heat oven to 350F. In large bowl, beat butter and sugars on medium speed with an electric mixer until creamy. I just throw them into my KitchenMaid and let that do all the work for my wet ingredients.
2. Add eggs and vanilla, beat well.
3. Add combined flour, baking soda, cinnamon and salt. Mix well. For fluffier cookies, add a little at a time letting all ingredients incorporate before adding more dry mix in.
4. Add oats, raisins and whatever else, a little at a time.
5. Drop dough by rounded tablespoons onto ungreased cookie sheets. Every recipe tells me that, but the truth is if you don't want to have to fight with you cookie or fight to clean your cookie sheets, use some Pam for baking.
6. Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until light brown. Cool 1 minute on cookie sheets; remove to wire rack to cool completely.
(Makes about 4 dozen cookies if you are making small cookies. I think I wound up with about 2-3 dozen, but that is still plenty for us!)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The one where I become an adult

My work had open enrollment for health insurance recently. Now normally I pay no attention to this, even though every year I qualify for at least half benefits, however this year, most likely because of the health care reform, I qualified for every
benefit. So this year I signed up for a PPO, Dental, Vision and a Vision Eyewear plan.

I have not had insurance of any kind since the day I graduated from APU 4 years ago. Since then whenever I needed to get an eye check up and new contacts, which is one a year, I go and fork over an obscene amount of money, usually half of my tax refund, and purchase a year's worth of contacts. (If you know me at all you would be surprised how well I take care of my eyes. Considering I leave the rest of my health up to God, I am a fanatic about taking extraordinary great care of my eyes.)

My mother agreed to cover more of the expenses of the animals we have at home if it would mean that I would cover my health insurance. I will have to pay about $110 for all of the services. Now it feels like a lot of money for me, mostly because that is about a week's pay a month that is going straight into insurance. However my mother made a valid point, you already don't miss the money you are putting into your 401k every month, %15 before taxes(!!!!!), so you wont miss the money from the health insurance.

The great news is, I get to keep my fabulous and much loved eye doctor!!!! An interesting piece of news is the dentist right down the street from me is covered under my dental plan. So while I know I have at least one or two cavities, I wont have to go far once I am under sedation. :)

While I will wind up paying a lot more in the end of the year than I normally fork out for an eye appointment, contacts, and glasses, there is a peace of mind that comes from paying for insurance. For instance I usually get a VERY bad chest cold about twice a year. It would be nice to be able to go to a doctor, get a prescription and not worry that in a month I will have to give the promise of my first child to pay them back. It would also be nice to go to the dentist. I haven't been to the dentist since I was engaged. That ended almost 5 years ago, but I'm pretty sure its been closer to 7 years since I was at a dentist. *Scary thought, however my mother made me do all those damn anti-cavity swisher things as a kid and I religiously brush my teeth three times a day.*

So while I have made other adult decisions in the past, my 401k, it is nice to know that I no longer have to worry if I suddenly get hurt in a car crash. I have great insurance coverage when it comes to my car, why not for my person as well? The things we do to become more like real adults...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I must remember to accept the things I cannot change, and thank God every day for the things that he HAS given me.

I have been trying this prayer out...

Monday, January 31, 2011

First Day.

Well my first day at the Natural History Museum has come and gone. I can tell you it was one of the most memorable days of my life. ALL OF IT.
The day started as most of mine do, got up had a cup of coffee, took the dog for a run. Showered, cleaned, got ready. Ran to Target to grab a new belt, got some cash and headed for the bus stop at the West Covina mall. I actually made it there in plenty of time, parked my car where it would be visible by cameras lest someone tried to steal it. I even remembered to take the stereo out so no one would want to steal it. Caught the early bus. Caught the second early bus in front of the central public library. Got to USC in PLENTY of time. It was after all only noon. Plenty of time to grab a quick bite, walk around and then head across campus to NHM.
(I got all excited cause there is a Freebirds now at USC. Which btw if you have never had a burrito from there, try it! You will not regret it. It's like Chipotle but 10 times better!!! )
Well of course all the food places are going to be busy, its noon! However I was able to score some food from one of the food trucks parked outside of Starbucks. MMM Carne Asada tacos. Yummy! As I am chowing down, I realize its already 12:50pm, and I am supposed to be across campus in 10 minutes. Now if you have never visited the campus or do not know your way around all that well, you would not know that that is hard to do. I basically ran 3/4 mile across the campus to NHM.
And I was late. About 10 minutes actually. I am NEVER late. But I had to stop and change into professional shoes. What you think I took the bus, walked all around USC AND ran across the campus in high heels? Yeah right. I wouldn't have been so late if I had worn different shoes, but oh well.
The day went splendidly. I will also hopefully be starting training on the new dinosaur exhibit that will be hitting this summer as well as all the work I will be doing for the library.
I was also able to meet almost all the people that make up the Research and Collection department in the NHM. There are so many departments, and so many people, I know I will not be able to meet them all at once, but it was still really fun!
Anywho, four hours passed incredibly fast, and I was off work. I was meeting my friend Irene for dinner and drinks, but knew she didn't get off work until around 6pm. So I wandered around USC for a while. Didn't make it to any of the libraries, however I did finally see the place where my parents got hitched.
I had dinner at The Lab. They serve their beers in beakers, and their Trojan Blonde is one of the best beers ever. Well It might be, but I am a BIT biased when it comes to USC. :) :)
Drinks and dinner were awesome. Three rounds and 4 hours later, I realize that I should start heading home. It does take a fair amount of time to get back to my car. It is at this point that I realized, the last bus had already come and gone. Irene was going to have to drive me to a pick up point for the silver streak. No problem, I tell her to drop me off at Union Station. Everything is fine and dandy until I realized that I cannot find the pickup point. I ask the guard, he told me, I proceeded to go over and wait. And wait. And wait. And wait some more. After waiting until almost 11:45 at night I finally decided to take a Metro bus to the El Monte station. At which point the bus driver tells me, the pick up point for the silver streak changes after 8pm, to the other side of the freeway. Is there signage at the original site? No. Is there a note on the website about this? NO! Well I finally get to El Monte and realized, the last bus that could take me to West Covina pulled out as we were pulling in.
Did I freak out? Not at first, but eventually. I called my mom so many time I cannot even count. Left a freaked out message on her voicemail and the home machine, tried to think of a different bus that could take me home. The entire time this is happening an older gentleman, mid 50s, is trying to persuade me to let him take me to my car. Now am I that stupid? Once upon a time, yes, now no.
I finally realized my mom's friend David T stays up late at night and is fond of me. What a real gentleman that guy is! I called, I was in tears- a little hysterical, he said he would be there in 15 minutes. He was! What a sweetheart! Although I wonder if any man can resist a girl who is crying and said she is stranded in a strange dark place with a random guy smoking a joint next to her trying to get her to come home with him. Scared as I was then, I can totally laugh about it now. It was quite funny. The guy with the joint, telling me how he needed money to buy diapers for his kid, the mouse running right next to my feet, and the weird old guy trying to get me to go home with him. Great story now, one that I will laugh at for years to come!

I will be taking the bus to LA most of the time, so I am sure I will blog again about crazy bus riders. TTFN!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I am not normally overly religious.

Now I know I am not overly religious, however I thought to share a prayer with you. I say this just about every night before I fall asleep.
Dear God,
Thank you so much for the opportunity to live today. For the many blessings you bestow upon me. Give me a more grateful and happy heart tomorrow. Thank you for giving me a job, wonderful family, a roof over my head, and food in my fridge. I thank you and try to say that every day. Please give me the courage and strength to write better cover letters so library employers will notice me, but again I thank you for the job I have.

I used to say.
Dear God,
Why do you hate me so? I am still working as a cashier at Target. What did I do to deserve this treatment? Please give me a job in a library!!!!! Please make the people who come through my line less stupid and more aware of their surroundings.

Now I started saying the top prayer about 3 months ago. My coworkers noticed my attitude towards customers has become more tolerant and nicer. MY cover letters to employers have become more in-depth and better. I wake up each day happy that I have a job, house and food. While I do not have my ideal job, in this job economy I am happy to have one at all.
So I challenge you, if you are unhappy with the way things are going in life, try just thanking God for what you have. I can almost guarantee you will see things in a new light and be much more joyful.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A ubiquitous NY post

Every blogger has a NY post. It comes in many shapes and sizes, but lets face it, we all have them. It is like starting with a blank slate. For once I can say successfully that I made it through all of my 2010 resolutions. Well for the most part.
Of the four resolutions I had last year,
1. No dating- Pretty much stayed that way. Plus I didn't have sex in 2010! That was a
resolution I didn't put up but admitted too. That helped with the no dating.
2. Get into better shape. I would like to think that while I am still not my ideal size or shape, I eat healthier and workout more than I ever have in my life. Loosing weight is an uphill battle for me, always has, always will. However its important to remember to be proud of yourself and everything else will follow.
3. Finish my education. Well I did finish my education, I don't have THE job yet, but I do have a A job and for that I do thank god in my prayers every night.
4.Become financially free. I don't know that anyone is ever completely financially free however I would like to think that I am a lot closer today than I have every been. I set a budget and stick to it. I spend and save equally. While I still say I don't have any money in my checking account, I also am almost done paying off my credit cards, have money in my savings, and have put a significant portion into my 401k. Its ok being poor. Thankfully many museums around LA have 2 for 1 memberships so I have those instead. Who needs money when I can have culture.

But the part everyone reads blogs on NYD is for everyone's resolutions!
1. Being more thankful for what I have. I used to pray every night that God give me a better job because I hated the one I had. The last couple of months I instead pray to God thanking him that I have a job, and to help me write better cover letters instead.
2. Learning a new computer language. I started to learn Excel, and I plan on borrowing books from the library that will help me learn new computer languages. Plus I am going to try and become both Apple and PC proficient.
3. Getting the most of life. I want to travel the world and see new things, and while I don't always have the money to do it, and I don't see a sugar daddy on the horizon, going to museums and spending time with my nephew makes up for the loss of money at this point.
I guess that is all I have. Funny how you never really think about what your goals are until New Years.
What are your New Years resolutions?