Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weight Loss and life

I used to say that I did not have to worry about work clothes after graduation, because I have finally built up an extensive wardrobe, thank you Syracuse, NY. However I am on some new medication to help with some of the problems that I have been having and have now lost weight. Now I know I have been talking about losing weight for a while, ok years, but I never thought I would drop down past what I am now. In some aspects it is nice, in others not so much.
The nice aspect is because now I am starting to feel healthier, look better and in general my mood is much better. However the other aspect is not so nice.
The bad side is now a lot of my pants do not fit me. I realized this the other day with some black pants of mine that were loose when I bought them, but now I cannot even get them to stay on my waist. So they are going to GoodWill. Now I have this really cute pair of chocolate brown work pants. I LOVE them. They not only look really good on me, they are also incredibly comfortable to wear. So now they are too big. Falling off my behind big. Ho Hum. I really do not want to give these up, I might just have to find a dry cleaner that can take them in.
Is it sad that I have lived in this city for over a year and a half and still haven't found a dry cleaner to take my stuff too? Ha ha. I know. But I have barely found a place that does waxing, for my eyebrows, that is cheap and does a good job.
So I am graduating in less than 5 weeks. I am excited, except the rejection letters have started coming in now. Which makes me sad. A couple of the jobs I did not really want but applied for because I knew my mother would love it if I moved near her.
However I was really stressing over this one job, for the National Library of Medicine, I would get a fellowship and continue my studies in being a leader in the community. I did receive word yesterday that I did not get the job. I am really sad about it, but at the same time, I really did not get my hopes up. My essays were not as strong as they could be, and I most likely have not accomplished enough for them. Most of the award winners did not go to the best ALA schools, however they have accomplished quite a bit in their community and also in their jobs and schools. However I have not. And its ok. For a very long time my goal in life was to remain invisible. And on some aspects that has worked. However I am ready for a change and I want the whole world to know who I am now!!!!
Well with the exception of this blog. I am still not ready for being completely known in the community. I am on many social networking sites, but some things I still like to blog about without the entire world knowing everything.
Although the world can know that I am receiving a Master's of Science in Library and Information Science on May 9th of 2009. I am so excited to finally be done with one of my Master's.
Yes I did say only one. I am also working toward obtaining my Master's in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University. It is a relatively small Christian college about 30 miles northeast of Los Angeles. I obtained my Bachelor's of Arts in Social Science from there. I guess I should give more of a bio on me? I never really thought you could concentrate within that major but I have since realized that I did my concentration on the American West and Manifest Destiny in the 19th century. So in other words I do know a pretty big chunk on a little piece of history. It is also my dream, and I doubt it will come true, to obtain a PhD in myths and legends focusing in on Merlin from somewhere. Preferably Oxford but who knows. I highly doubt I will do the PhD. Mostly because I would like to not be a student forever, and it certainly feels as though I will be at this point in time.
I am currently looking for a full time library job anywhere in the world. Yes I did say anywhere in the world. Since I am currently single, and still very young I have plenty of time to travel and figure out where I want to live for a long period of time.
I have a tendency to like to wander and not settle. This may explain why I randomly take off at the weirdest times and go hiking in places people have not heard of. Yes I think its odd too. But thats ok because I a lot of really good friends who love me no matter what. I think that is all for now. I may tell you more about myself later. :) Have a good day!

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