Monday, April 13, 2009

Still procrastinating.

So I went to a friend's hockey game tonight. He made the playoffs at 7pm and then had the final game at 9:30pm. I actually left the house early today and made it to the rink just before 9:20pm. Which is good because before 9:30 even rolled around they had scored their first of 6 goals. I know I have said this before, but I love hockey!!!! Especially live, men hockey. Their is nothing wrong with women playing hockey. I still enjoying watching it, however the men are so much more ruthless and willing to get smashed up and fight over the stupidest things.
I went to the game. I watched intently. The only time I stopped watching I was replying to a text message from my student about a paper, and that is the only time my friend fell. I felt bad for not seeing how it happened, but not too bad cause he falls at least once a game.
Needless to say, they won their game. It was great. This is the third year in a row they have one the title. I feel kinda bad that no one else but me was there to watch.
At the end I told him I made him brownies but I would bring them tomorrow. I really wanted to hug him in congratulations and I asked him if he did want a hug. His response still makes me laugh, I'm sweating so I didnt think you would want one. Ha ha except he said the Yiddish word for sweating that I know for sure I will butcher and I am sure spell check wont help. All in all a great time. I was asked during the game which side was which, and for the first time I could honestly answer. I am still learning my vocab for hockey but I am not doing too bad. I only hope the next place I move too will have a good hockey team i can cheer for. That and whatever my next job is, I hope it pays me enough to have cable so I can watch sports on TV.
I think that is all for now.
Yay Zack and the Legal Limit! 3 years running now!

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