Sunday, April 19, 2009


So the iSchool had a prom. Yes I know how old I am. I still went. I borrowed this really cute skirt from a friend, threw on a tank top, fake set of pearls and some cute high heels to make the outfit dressy but not too dressy. It worked out really well. Cop out, most of this blog will be pictures cause I am freaking lame like that, and really have nothing else to say right now.
Couples dance! Most of them are practicing for their big day!!!

People chillin'.

People chillin'.

This is Ruth. She has got to be the cutest librarian ever. We have nicknamed her Polly Pocket!

The most awesome picture of Zack ever!!!

Possibly the most awkward picture ever. I dont even know what to say here.
Lame people not wanting to dance.

Our awesome shoes! Starting with the green dress, Ruth, Me, Laura, Melissa, and Rebecca.

Melissa being as cute and sweet as ever.

Leslie and Katy. They not only danced the night away, they were the last two on the dance floor.

That is all! Have a good day!

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