Thursday, April 9, 2009

I really must admit

That I love people opening my mail for me. It takes all the anxiety I might have about what is inside the envelope away. Especially when the envelope specifically says to be opened by addressee only. It really is quite nice. No real worries to wonder about.
I especially love finding library materials that are already cataloged all over the school. Granted the school is not even as big as a city block, but really I love finding all of my materials everywhere. It really helps me out, and really shows me that not only do the teachers respect me, but also the students.
I really love our "handy man/cleaning guy." He comes into the library and tells me the tales of how much better the world was before computers and cell phones and the new fanged thing called electricity. Oh man I really love that. I love how he guilt trips me by telling me he straightened out a pile of papers that was so messy. Especially since I spent over a half hour trying to artfully and creatively place them around the library so the students would notice them and learn more from their education. Oh yes I really love that.
BTW this is all sarcasm. Have a nice day.

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