Sunday, April 5, 2009

Long Hike

Today I was finally able to meet up with the members of the Syracuse Outdoor Club. They are a group I have been a part of since January, however because of scheduling conflicts, on my part, I have never been able to go on a hike with them.
It was a pretty long drive. All the way up the 81 to the Tully exit. To my Cali friends, they have no idea what that means. Basically it means I had to drive over 20 miles to the middle of now wheresville. Fun stuff. Actually it was fun. Something that I am going to try my hardest to do again. I am not going to lie tho. It was hard. And I fell, a lot. A couple of times in front of this pretty good looking guy. But who cares, cause it was awesome!!!
Driving up
Driving up
I am still in disbelief by how much snow was there in April
Still driving...yeah it was pretty far away

The start of our trail..the first one.

Ha ha it was cold...
I want to say this was the second trail. But the second trail turned out to be the right trail? I am still not sure.
Some of the people on the hike.
This was the falls we hiked so long for. This is some of the members that managed to make it up to this point. The second and first trail were both labeled with blue dots, which mean that you are on some sort of trail. Nice County, makes everything the same colored..
A close up of some of the people. The falls were not that huge or impressive. But the people I got to hike with and the beauty that surrounded me up there was the part that was impressive to me.
This is the one picture I have from the lean-to. Greg encouraged me to go all the way to the top. I choose to tease him about it. And man this hike proved how out of shape I am. Ha ha. Thanks! Hope you enjoy the pictures.
I promise to hike more in this region and provide more spectacular pictures.
PS Figured out how to make a postal worker blush. Ask him if he just wants to hike with the pretty girl. :-) Not me. I NEVER would ask that. LOL Hope you enjoy the pictures.
EDIT: Go here for pictures I did not take. And for more cute shots of me...


  1. beautiful pics Kathy. But where is a pic of the really good looking guy?? =)

  2. Ok Erin, I added a link to the pix from other people. :) I had so much fun. I CANNOT wait to do it again!