Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So frustrated

So today my mother calls me and asked me if I needed all this information about commencement and convocation that was sent to her house. Now I KNOW for a FACT that I did put my Syracuse address as the address that everything about convocation and commencement should be sent to because I did NOT want my mother to have to mail everything to me. However because my PERMANENT address is still her address because I never know where I am going to be after graduation, this assumes I will get a real job-LOL yes I know it would help to get a real library job, not that the mortuary school isn't one- I only put her address because worst case scenario she could mail my diploma to me.
And that is another thing I kinda want to laugh at. I worked for four long years to earn my high school diploma, no idea where that one is. I have the outer doohickey thingy that they gave us at graduation when we walked across the stage. And I worked another 4 1/2 years to earn my undergraduate degree. My mom even bought me a really cool frame to hang it in. Guess where that is? If you guessed inside the box that the frame came in under the bed, then you are RIGHT! I know that I worked so hard for these degrees, and maybe someday when I have an office or apartment or house of my own I will want to hang them where people can actually see them and say, well isn't that swell. But for now I really don't have a place for them. The only things that are hanging on my walls right now are painting my mother and father have done, one for each, and a quilt my mother made for my, wait I have to flip the quilt over to check, 24th birthday.
Yes I realize it is sad that i have to look at the quilt to see when she made it, but in my defense its not the only quilt she ever made me. I have the one from my 16th or 18th birthday, the one from my 24th and my 25th birthday. I also have one she made me at some point in high school that my band director and a lot of the kids were jealous over. I also have this flannel one, though I am pretty sure I just stole that because its so darn stinking cold in Syracuse, and I also have the very first quilt she ever made. That thing is so old. Our old cat used to puke on it. And yes I still have it, because that cat is the first pet I can remember having and I loved him so much. Harry, from Archie and Harry. Some comic book my mother used to read...
Anyways I am pretty sure that is the end of my rant. But check back later cause I am sure I have more to say...

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