Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh yeah still procrastinating....

Taxes are due today. At midnight to be more specific. Ah well I kept meaning to file them...But well other things seemed more important like sleeping, breathing, eating basically anything that didnt require me to file my taxes. Ah yes and the best part is, you have to know your AGI from last year to actually file your taxes. Silly me, I thought when Turbo Tax SAID they would keep my tax information for the year I wouldn't have to worry too much. Silly me. I really shouldn't do this every year. But alas I do. Tis sad really. Except while I am the queen at procrastination at everything else have never procrastinated on filing my taxes. Strange how that it is. So now here I am at 11:32 my time, that EST for all of you, trying to get my taxes filed in 28 minutes and I am on hold with the IRS to find out either my pin or my AGI. Yeah cause I am going to remember a 5 digit number from year to year. I am lucky if I can remember my pin number for my checking account half the time.
So now I sit here listening to classiscal music waiting for the IRS to pick up the phone. I promise mine will take less than a minute! Please answer my call!
Alright I am done. Goodnight all!

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