Friday, May 13, 2011

Am I a Christian or a Democrat?

*Warning I am still pretty peeved that someone would say this to me, but it just shows how ignorant he is.*

On Saturday May 7th, against my better judgement, I went on a hiking date with a very conservative man. Now I have been on dates with conservatives in the past, and usually they are a little rude to women. I do not think it is all conservative men, just the ones I happen to date that are this way.
One major thing, he did not believe he had to follow the rules. So his huge 105 pound German Shepard, he refused to put on a leash, even when he was asked by several other people with dogs and riding horses, he still refused to leash his dog or hold onto his dog when others approached.
When crossing one of the parts to the creek I almost fell in and made a comment about it. His response "Oh yeah I guess I should have helped you across that part..." Basically it was not the worst date I have been on, but pretty damn close to it!

We have been texting back and forth for the last couple of days. Every time he has had a conversation with me I have been dreading them. On Wednesday night he tells me that he is ready to move out of Pomona because the "homeless" keep rifling through his garbage "causing the trash collectors to no longer pick up my trash." So because of that he took his trash and "just dumped it somewhere." Now I am in shock over this, I am thinking that he is just joking and just threw it into a random dumpster. Nope he threw it into a random street because "I pay city taxes therefore its the cities problem with the homeless so they can clean up the mess." At this point I told him to loose my number. Which he goes off into this long tirade to the point where I thought I was going to have to call my cell phone company and block his number. The last thing that he said to me really hurt more than anything else any man or woman has said to me in a while. "How can you call yourself a Christian and be a liberal." Because I believe in a woman's right to choose what happens to her body, and because I believe that no matter what your gender or orientation you should have the right to marry whom you please, I am not a Christian.
Now I wish I had a better response for him, but I do have a better response now. The response I gave him is "Christ loves everyone no matter their race, creed, sexual orientation, gender, job, or beliefs. I try and model my life after Christ. Therefore I must love everyone! I wish I could say that I have spent hours pouring over my Bible to have Biblical answers, but I don't. What I know is that Christ didn't believe in discrimination, so why should I? That is the only answer I can give. Sometimes it is the simplest answet that is the best answer. Alright I think I am done harping on that.

The best part of the date? I got to see baby hummingbirds in their nest. So cute!
My political/spiritual beliefs
1. I believe God is bigger than ANY ONE person can begin to imagine or describe.
2. I believe that without a personal relationship with Christ and accepting him into your heart, there is no "life" after this life.
3. I believe that one must nurture and grow with said relationship. Some growing can take place on your own, but being around like-minded people helps you maintain and grow your relationship. And yes reading the Bible as well. The Bible was written for ALL generations prior to this one as well as ALL after this.
4. I believe the welfare/food stamps needs to have an overhaul audit take place. Anyone who has been on the system for longer than 5 years AND has had at least once child while in the system can afford to be out of the system.
5. I believe many people in our congress women/men are over paid. Seriously, if I have to pay for gas to get to work and for my car, as well as pay for my own transportation to vacations, so can you.
6. I believe that all persons, regardless of who they love are entitled to marriage.
7. I believe I have no right to tell another person what to do. That being said I don't like abortion and I would never have one, but it is not my place to make your decisions.
8. I believe humans are quickly killing our planet. My part is remember to not only recycle but to also purchase local, fair trade and recycled products. Every little bit helps!
9. I believe that the best way to see God's wondrous miracles is to go into nature, and often.
10. I believe everything and everyone deserves respect. (I am personally working more and more on this one.)
11. I believe in many more things, and I sure this list will continue to grow every year.

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