Wednesday, April 27, 2011

School Again?

I started back at APU in my MLOS degree on Monday night. The professor is a woman who I took a class with before, one of the many I have taken before withdrawing from the program. (I think it is APU sometimes, I love the place, but finishing my education there has been like pulling teeth....)
The people in the class are intelligent, interesting, come from many different backgrounds and quite friendly. We decided on our group project teams and topics on the first night, and when the professor reminded the class the paper had to be in APA citation everyone groaned except for me. I actually think I said "cool." People looked at me puzzled, I responded with "I am a librarian, I teach APA citation, its not a problem. If you need help contact me." They asked me to join their group on facebook. I will admit I haven't done that yet, I have been a little busy with computer issues.
I will also admit it is rather nice to be wanted. The professor even asked me if I would teach a refresher course if anyone needs it. I am more than happy to teach a refresher course, keeps my skills up to date. I also volunteered to help anyone and everyone with research, which seemed to go over quite well.
The only part of the night that was a little out of whack was when the professor introduced the Biblical perspective. Now I understand I go to a Christian school. I love and embrace that fact, most of the time. However I do think there is a time and place for certain elements of the Christian perspective.
This week the perspective was submissive leadership, and the story to go along with it? Jonah! I think we can all agree that Jonah definitely didn't do what the Lord wanted him to do and he paid the price. Now it is not the story that I am little peeved about, but rather the fact the professor showed a DVD of Veggie Tales in class. I am 28 and the youngest student in class, and I am quite offended by the showing of Veggie Tales. I don't appreciate having a cucumber singing at me. I didn't find it that amusing as most people in the class did. There has to be a better way to teach submissive leadership than Veggie Tales, right? Now back to homework...

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