Monday, June 1, 2009

So I'm 26

And I dont feel a darn bit different. If anything I think that I have a lowered tolerance to alcohol than last year. I especially have a lower tolerance for what gives me a hangover this year rather than last year. This year I had a shot of tequila, a lot of wine and a beer.
Last year I had a ton of shots and I was ok the next day. This year I woke up and I REALLY thought I was ok. And then I got to work, and the students were embalming a body. Wow! I know the smell is usually pretty overwhelming for me, but really I never throw up and I almost threw up at that smell. The whole time I was there I was miserable. In fact, I had to help a student fill out financial paperwork for the school, something I am sure I am not allowed to do, and I almost threw up in her lap I was feeling so bad at one point. GGRRR
Every year I tell myself I will not get that way. Although it was only the second time I did that this year. The first time being the day I graduated from Orange University. And then it was all wine. Much smarter to only drink wine. Cause then one can still function while completely trashed!
Oh I know I promised pictures of the party, however I cannot work my camera when I am completely trashed as it turns out. However I still have graduation pictures that I really need to still put up as well.
Any other news...Well I was officially rejected today from a job that I wanted in this area....Hrm and my test results are tomorrow. I shall hear back to see if I need further medical attention. Crossing my fingers and relying on God that I do not need any further attention. Mostly because I cannot afford the medical bills.
I think that is all for the news.

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