Monday, June 8, 2009

A blog worthy moment

The event that I am about to describe should not be attempted by anyone else. Also it made me and my BFF Andrew laugh so hard, we almost peed our pants. And really it is SO something I would do.
A week ago Saturday I had to work at the local retail store. It was a closing shift, like all of my shifts. Well I had been at work since 9am that day, for my students and then for the local town people to check them out.
Well I leave the building at 10:30 pm with my other coworkers and walk over to the door of my car. Now I am looking at my door and thought it looked odd, but still stuck my key in the lock.
My key wouldn't turn and I started freaking out a little. I thought the door looked funny to begin with, and I kept thinking the cops stuck something to my car door because I have unpaid parking tickets, as in five! And then I look to my back window for a split second and realize that my AAA sticker is gone. Well it would hardly stick to the window so I wasn't terribly worried.
Then I realized the window I was looking in, was a back door! I only have 2 doors not 4 doors! I was opening the wrong car!!!!!
Then I walked all around that car before I realized(!) that my own car was sitting nose to nose with the one I was trying to get into! Can you imagine my embarrassment? Probably not. But I thought you all would love that!

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  1. I have done that exact same thing before. Were we both blond in a previous life?!