Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not for the faint of heart

So this post is not for the faint of heart, but just a few things I would love to get off my chest.
My roommate's dog is a chihuahua, miniature French bulldog mix. He is very tiny. His ideal weight should be 4-5 pounds, so at 6 pounds he is a hefty little boy, but a darn stinking cute one at that!
Anyways, I never knew such a little creature could poop so much! Twice this morning and twice this afternoon on a walk. We have more walking to do but jeez! How can so much stuff come out of one little animal?

And another rant. Today Quinn came over for lunch. I went to put the dog food back into the cupboard and I saw a mouse!!!!!!!!! I freaked! Its not that I don't like the little buggers except when they are hiding and jump out at me.
This applies to ANYTHING that jumps out at me: insect, mammal, human. I don't like things jumping out at me. Its not cool.
Quinn is just sitting there laughing hysterically at my reaction. He thought it was absolutely hilarious. If it happened to anyone else, he is right I would be the one laughing, however not so much this time.

That's all my rants for today. Peace out!

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