Monday, June 15, 2009

Book Review

So this is not so much a book review as it is an author review. I have been hanging out with a good friend from library school and because we have similair tastes in what we like to read, she has been giving me book after book to read.
Not that reading is a bad thing, I probably just want to spend a little less time reading recreationally and more time reading my textbooks.
The author I am review today is John Connolly. This particular writer is based in the UK however a lot of what I have read thus far has been based in Maine. I do need to preface by saying I love mystery, especially horror but without the violence. Connolly does an awesome job of this. I really do love to be more scared by the prospect of what COULD happen rather than what IS happening.
I just finished The Killing Kind. I do need to admit, this book took me a great deal longer to read than his other books. I am a fairly fast reader, especially when it comes to books I do like and or want to read. However when it comes to bugs, spiders in particular, I am NOT a fan.
In this book the killer is killing with brown recluses and other spiders. I am so NOT a fan of spiders, and I am a big reader before bed. Well this book was not something I could read before bed.
It is bad enough I get nightmares very easily, but this book gave me goosebumps in broad daylight. However, if you are into this kind of mystery I really do recommend it! It is wonderfully written, with a couple plot twists you do not see coming and a couple you can see coming. All in all not a terribly book.

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