Sunday, June 7, 2009

Holy Jeez

It has been a LONG time since I lasted posted. Totally not intentional. Between spending time with Quinn and working over 40hous last week, conference and Target, I just haven't had time to even to turn on my computer.
It is kinda funny. I have been doing everything that I needed, responding to email and facebook, returning phone calls, etc, just not on the computer. Plus this past weekend was just so long.
I am sitting here in the kitchen doing laundry, waiting for the brownies to cool, doing the dishes and need to update my resume and write a couple of cover letters. All I keep thinking is wow it has already been a month since I graduated.
A cup of strong coffee, waiting for my lunch to finish baking and updating all of email, good Lord. Whoever said you become less busy after school is over is a liar! LOL
We shall see, I am sure that sooner rather than later.
I am filling out FAFSA again so that I may finish my second Masters and not only put off those retched student loans further but also become more educated into something I would like to pursue.
I am sure I need to update this further but I need to get back to doing all the rest of my chores. TOODLES!

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