Sunday, May 17, 2009

OMG hiking

So I went hiking today with this guy from Norwich, NY. He is a postal worker, so he walks for a living. I really thought I was in better shape lately. Turns out I am not. I cannot out hike the postal worker. Considering how much he walks, I really should have known better.
Everything literally hurts. My knees, feet even my hips. That is a first for me. I am used to my feet hurting but I am not used to this. The pain is not unbearable but it is not a pleasant feeling.
EDIT: I started this when I got back from hiking. The rest of this post is from the day after.
Man, I cannot believe how far I hiked yesterday. My arm hurts, my feet and the backs of my quads. I think the quads are what helped me hike uphill. This hike wasnt even that hard.
It was a cleared trail, however it was constantly up and down. Man oh man. He said we hiked between six and eight miles. All I know, is someone stop me. Now I really should be doing this much at least once a week. But it wouldnt kill me to do a couple miles one other time during the week. And now that it is summer I REALLY should start running again. That would help.
It would also help if I would put padding into my hiking boots. I have to tell you, having blisters on the balls of your feet is not pleasant, especially when I realized I have to do all stairs and high heels for the next three days straight. Gr.
On the other positive note, I am going hiking again next week with him. On the Sunday the 24th I get to go to an orientation workshop to learn how to read a compass. I am sure I know how, my dad taught me when I was little, but I need to relearn. And the the 25th, Memorial day, I get to go up to the Old Forge, NY area to go hike this lake. I beleive it is called Middle Settlement Lake, but dont quote me on that. The guy I went hiking with is the one I am going to the Lake with. Should be fairly fun, but again another really long day. The round trip for the first hike is 7 miles and the second round trip is like 9 miles. I just hope the next day I can take the elevator up four flights of stairs.
Another thing that is bothering me is a topic a student wants to research. It is not bothering me in a bad way, I just do not know where to start. This student would love to research about continuing education in funeral homes. I told him I would do some research on the subject but I am not sure where to start. I know the NFDA, but other than that. I think I will just go through a lot of the periodicals in the library to find out. I will post the pictures of the hike from yesterday when I get home today. Peace!

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