Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Making a greener library

Now I am one of those people that is pretty concerned about the enviroment. And I try as hard as possible to recycle as much as possible and remember to turn off lights and the such. I RSS, ie I don't check it everyday it automatically comes to me on my email account, a blog called The Green Library. Click on it and you will see 100 ways to make your library greener. Or you can click on my title. I follow a great deal of these already, however it is still nice to go through and make sure you can do more.
I realize that the enviorment is not at the top of everyone's list, however I would like it to be around when I have kids someday in the future.
BTW, I am one of those hippies, except I actually believe in God. What a concept I know. LOL

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