Monday, May 11, 2009


So I graduated. But I am not technically done with school or anything else. Darn me and wanting to learn more! So I have a ton of pictures. I would put them on here but it takes to darn long so just click the link thingy and you will see everything. (In other words, click on the words pictures that is underlined!) Well not everything. Bethany took around 150 pictures on that day and I am NOT posting everything. My mom took the same amount. I cant post everything but I do plan on posting the important relevant stuff.

What else is new. Oh yes we had a party on Saturday night. Melissa and I co-hosted. It was awesome and wonderful. She had purchased a great deal of wine for the party, but people all brought stuff so I think I have enough wine to last me a couple of months.

My mother and I got a premade cake at Wegmans, and had them write congrats on the cake. My mother proceeded to make a toast to all the graduates that came that we may "live long and prosper." Which I found hilarious. The speech is from Star Trek, and well that is a whole other post.

I am still technically working for Pyramid and Simmons, desperately trying to find a full time position, preferably here in Syracuse. I really do love the area, the different seasons make me happy in their own way.

I do believe that is all. Enjoy the pictures!

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