Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just when you think life....

So just when I thought life couldn't get any worse I was proven wrong last night. My car had trouble starting after getting gas on Sunday, and then also on Monday when roommate number 1 and I were leaving the grocery store, it was also acting up. However yesterday it died. Literally.
I was at a relatively busy intersection coming home from getting food at a fast food restaurant, I know its horrible! And it sputtered and died. GGRRR. Then I have paid for AAA for a year, including towing for 100 miles, although only one tow. I have had the service for a month, maybe and still haven't recieved my AAA card. So yesterday they are asking me for my number and of course I cant give it to them, because they haven't sent it to me yet! GGGRRR!!!!!!!!!
So they tell me they will put it in as an emergency, 45 minutes later the guy FINALLY shows up! I have it towed to Hyundai dealership across town because the one next to me I really don't like. They have been nicer so far. It will cost me around $700 for the stuff they need to fix. Timing belt, starter something or other and they really want to do the 60,000 mile checkup. That last one is going to cost $300. So because I don't have a grand lying around somewhere, and who really does in this day and age, I am skipping the checkup for now. I will get that one done next month I guess.
Was trying to give the mommy person money every month for the damn car. Told her today I can't give her anymore money. Like for a really long time. That and had to call my credit card company and beg for a better limit so I can pay for this. I have the cash, but I really didnt feel like liquidating my assets all at once.
Oh and the bright side to all of this? My alarm system is being taken away. Nevermind that the dealership I bought my car from installed it, because it did not come with the car its an after-market system and therefore killed my starter. GGGRRR. Oh and even better news? Yes I am being sarcastic in case you didn't notice! Last October I was offered the chance to get an extended warranty on the car for about a grand. It would have covered until 100,000. Everything that is being fixed on my car would have been covered. Stupid me! Now I have to pay for all this. That and the towing. I always had unlimited towing with warranty. Now I have used my one and only towing for the year right after I bought the membership. Gotta love life!!!

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