Sunday, February 15, 2009

Am I a reasonably intelligent person? Good question.

So I would love to say that yes, I am a relatively, reasonably intelligent person. However the mistakes that I have been making lately do not suggest this.
Mistake number one. Making a video on facebook that was supposed to be sent to a few people and wound up all over facebook. *Rolls eyes* I thought I knew how to do that apparently not. However I did manage to make another video message and I am pretty sure I got this one right.
Mistake number two. I was working really hard on this project, stressing about this stupid group project. Trying to get it done. Feeling incredibly guilty that my part was not in at the time that I said I would get it in on time. And then I looked at the submission time today when I am freaking out about the conclusion of this assignment. Can you guess? Its not due for another week!!! The benefit is now I can focus on a meeting that I have later this week, I'm sure, with a librarian at the school library. And this huge part of my homework assignment on Thursday that I actually technically started a month in advance. I know can you believe that?
Miss procrastination actually started homework way in advance. Oh well this one I had to. I thought it was simple questions 1-5. HA HAHA yeah right. Its writing a 3 page paper for each question. Gah! That is one thing I am not going to miss after I am done with both of my grad programs, all the freaking writing. People keep telling me that I am going to want to write some kind of book, preferably reference. However I totally read another librarian's blog who is writing a reference book, LOL I would never go through that.
I used to actually fancy myself something of a writer. Not much for actual storytelling, but bodice ripping scenes I am quite good at. Call it my addiction to Merlin's Legacy books in high school. My best friend and I were going to write a book like that. Funny, she was supposed to write the actual dialog and me to write those scences. Funny how life didn't turn out like that. Probably because I had the great and wonderful idea to go off to grad school to learn about being a librarian.
Not that I am complaining. I really like it. I am slowly but surely realizing that this is quite possibly the best career for me. I really wanted to be a social worker, then changed to teacher, now I really want to be a librarian. As per a discussion held at the ice rink today, as a librarian I get to do all that. Yippee!
I think that is all I have to say today. And I felt really bad for not posting for so long, especially since one of the people whos blog I subscribe to posts almost every day. Go you!
Oh I guess I should post something about Valentines Day. I said a lot about what I wanted to do to my closest friends. Too much vodka, not enough water equals a not fun day for me. Bleh. The idea of eating food was gross to me, but I still did, because that is what an adult does.
Actually speaking of being an adult. Does anyone wish they could go back into the time where things magically happened? I am talking to all those that are living with roommates or on thier own. Back maybe to junior high and high school where food magically appeared in the cupboard, refriderator and possibly even dinner was made when you got home? Ah the good old days.
I miss them sometimes. The days before paying bills, filing your taxes, grocery shopping, making food. I would put laundry on that list, but lets be real. My mom hasnt done my laundry since I was like 13. For my own good. I mean when I lived with her, she would sometimes throw my stuff from washer to dryer, but hasnt folded my laundry in years. But its all good. Gave me a better sense of responsibility. Ok this post has to be so freaking long so I am going to sign off, do some serious homework and maybe go to be at like 10pm. Night all!
On a side note, I am having serious trouble figuring out if this guy likes me. He asked me if I thought his bed was comfortable. I was sitting on it. He was giving me computer stuff. *Shakes head* it would be less complicated if he didnt. But not so bad if he did. So confused. Guys are confusing, reference isnt. Off to that!

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