Sunday, February 8, 2009

I like procrastination

I like procrastination. I am pretty good at it. For instance right now I really should be working on a project that is due on Thursday or working on a resume and cover letter for a job that I really want. Or I could be searching various databases for information on alchol abuse for a class, or searching youtube on my topic for Tuesday. Or I could be writing my analysis of options that is also due Thursday. See I have all this work I really SHOULD be doing, but alas just cant seem to get it done. I have managed to turn in all of my work this semester early. Mad props to me. I guess. I was supposed to go hiking today. That did not happen. A little sad about it. However roomy wanted to watch a movie tonight so we did. Bridget Jones Diary, did anyone else out there know it was based on Pride and Predjudice? I didnt know that. There is a great line in the movie, "I like you just the way you are." Man I love that. Which brings me to what happened yesterday.
So I like this guy. I took him home yesterday as he is currently out of a car. We are sitting there talking and I told him that my life was not supposed to turn out like this. I wasn't supposed to come to NY alone, not that I am complaining anymore, I am much different, better person. However I was telling him what kind of person I was when I was that guy. And he says to me, I like who you are, just the way you are. I like knowing this girl. He likes me just the way I am. I really didn't register the compliment until today. :)He likes me just the way I am. Confident, smart, funny, sexy as hell, personable. My heart just starting fluttering today. I havent been so happy from a compliment in so long!
On other news, last night I went to an inter-grad department ice skating function. I havent been ice skating in I am not even sure how long. However I did manage to turn around in a circle and never once fall!!! It did amaze me how much of a mom mode I go into however when people around me need help. A lot of people from the iSchool went. Well a lot of South Asian men. I regonized a lot of them and was telling them how they needed to tye their skates so they could skate a little better.
It was funny. I have never actually seen my good friend Wasim as a teacher. He told me a while back his plans to become a teacher later on in life. Well he went into full teacher mode showing people how to skate. It was so cute. He did chase after me and was pushing me into walls. He said I liked it. I kinda did, but at the same time it really hurt. What a meanie. No actually he is a really great guy. The ice skating was a hit. A friend of mine who kept falling down last night now wants to go back at least every other week to the rink to get better at skating. I really dont mind. I never realized, until about 2 weeks ago, that SU even had an ice rink on campus. It is pretty cool. It is free to get in and only a couple of bucks to get skates. I will have to go back and skate more. It is a great workout and definetely used muscles that I forgot existed. So that is a positive!!! Ok I guess I better do some form of homework now. Night!

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