Monday, November 16, 2009

What is your weakness?

Mr. Condescending challenged the other day for us to write a post about what our weakness is. I have several in a man.
-Scent is huge, if you do not smell good, you will get nowhere with me.
-You have to be taller than me. You do not have to be the jolly green giant, but I do like my men tall.
-You have to have nice arms and a nice butt. The arms I don't HAVE to have, but its nice. As for the but, you have to have something for me to look at. :)
-You have to have a great smile. Now I am not talking about perfectly white teeth or everything straight, but I don't want to cringe every time you smile at me.
Those are just the physical features. If I actually make conversation with you, then damn don't make me kiss you just to shut you up. I hope to goodness you have a brain inside that head.
What is your weakness?

1 comment:

  1. Its cool that you posted this :)

    I'm surprised at how many girls like nice butts on guys, I didn't realize how much that caught girls attention.