Friday, August 14, 2009

Title Unknown

I didnt know whether to title this post 'I'm only slightly pissed" or "It's so complicated." Since I can't give a post two titles I gave it two titles.

The first "I'm only slightly pissed" goes as follows:
1. So I went to the major warehouse the other day and I get all the way through the checkout line to hear that my membership expired on the 4th of July. Well that, was you know, like 6 weeks ago! Why have I never seen a renewal notice. Since then I was thinking maybe it was on my Discover bill, but who knows really. So I had figured that I had about fifty to sixty dollars worth of items in the cart but then he tells me it is going to be another forty bucks for the membership!!! Well I have to check out, and I really need the stuff I was buying so I said go ahead and add it.

2. As I was leaving I stopped back at Kate's to pick up this skirt and decided to take the thruway to Oneida. Well I thought I will take 690 to 481 to the thruway. Well the city of Syracuse, also known as sewercuse, had other plans for me. The ramp to the Teall Ave exit was closed so it said to follow the detour. EXCEPT the detour was to the Midler Ave exit which was CLOSED as well. Well that made me incredibly pissed off. What is up with that? I can understand one entrance being closed, however DO NOT detour me to another entrance that is also closed!!!!! That my friends is NOT cool.
Thus ends my rant at I am only slightly pissed.

"it's so complicated" goes as follows:
At teh end of July I moved out of the place I had been living for two years. It was a very nice/peaceful place. So I moved all my stuff into a storage container in Syracuse while we looked for a place together. Did I forget to mention I moved into a one bedroom apartment with 3 other people? Yeah I am THAT crazy. So we finally find a place to live. I will be living in Oneida, which sucks but I will get over it. Now I just need to find someone with a truck to help me move all my stuff from Syracuse to Oneida.
Oh the complicated part, for the better part of two weeks I am housesitting for my old place. Yeah I swear my life isn't complicated.

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