Saturday, August 1, 2009

I moved

Its official. I have moved to a little city known as Oneida. It's small and quaint. And yes I will probably go nuts as I have to travel pretty far to get to work, but its only for a month and not that bad.
Oye. Ok I will blog more later as my head hurts and I still have another 10 hours of work ahead...What fun!

1 comment:

  1. Even though you're only there for a month, can I have your new address so as to send you a snail mail letter soon? You can text it to me or IM me; my work load is light today. =) Love ya, girly! And by the way, have you heard anything from that job for which you had me check your cover letter? And is that why you're only gonna be at your current address for a month? Let me know! It's been too long since we've caught up.