Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I have moved…

So my previous post I did say that I have moved to Oneida, however now it seems that I will be moving again within Oneida. Apparently the apartment next door has been vacated and the landlord asked us if we would like to move into it. We are getting the final details today on the how much, when we can move and all the gory details. It should be ok.

The apartment is 2 bedrooms, one bath, fairly large living room and a decent sized kitchen. It is not bad, it is not great. However considering I have never lived in an apartment before it could be a lot worse. I am coming to terms with everything that is in the apartment. The place does need to be cleaned, and the carpet needs to come off the stairs…Oh yeah I should mention that…I am moving to a second story apartment. It is really easier this way. I do like to keep my windows open and it should be easier to heat in the wintertime. Ok must go and do more homework. I promise to post pictures later.

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  1. Well, I'm glad you're not moving far, at least. And having to go up and down stairs every day will help get a little exercise into a packed schedule, no matter how busy you get! I was in the second floor of the apartments across from APU in my junior year, and while there were days I hated those stairs, most of the time I was glad for that extra bit of exercise. And it was indeed easy to keep it warm, though being in CA, we didn't often wish to be warm quite as often as it was... =)