Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Introducing Chewy!

I realized while writing the next couple of blog posts that I never introduced my cat, Chewbacca to my blog roll. My mother brought home this ugly, smelly little black cat about two months ago, now almost three months ago. He had eye problems, didn’t know how to clean himself, had an intestinal worm and most like was only three weeks old. He is now a healthy, happy, wonderful, ugly black and white tipped kitten. Oh don’t get me wrong, I love that cat to pieces, but he really is UGLY! I would get more pictures on here but I do not have internet on my cell phone and we no longer have a digital camera. While there was one that I REALLY liked at Black Friday sale at Target, I think I am just going to take mine to a camera repair shop and see if I can get it fixed for the same price as the other camera. I know it sounds stupid to repair a camera if it the repair costs are equal to purchasing a new camera. However it is consumerism in America that taught us to just throw something out just because one thing is broken. I do really love my camera, it fits my hand well and I like how it takes pictures.

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