Saturday, December 4, 2010

Going the long way home

Going home I once again traveled through Orlando International Airport, OIA. I have been through a number of airports that I was not impressed with, but I do believe Orlando takes the freaking cake! Although I hear San Fran is just as bad and I do have a connection through there. Oh my, oh me, here I am writing in the present tense! Well that is because I am actually using my laptop during a flight, and I am currently connected to the INTERNET!!!!! Woot! After a week without it, I have mixed feelings about ever staying at my grandparents for a vacation. While it was nice to have every meal taken care of, along with anything I needed, the week without email has been horrific. I never thought I was that attached to my email until I went this long without. I mean it felt weird to be so close to a public library and civilization and yet so far.
While staying with family is wonderful, is a free place to stay worth it when you cannot do anything you want to do?

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