Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm appalled by marketing professionals

The newest commercials have come out for 2011 cars and quite frankly I am appalled. The Toyota Highlander is now supposedly "dork proof." Now I did try to find the commercial on youtube, however I cannot find it.
The commercial focuses on a boy around 11 who refuses to be picked up by his parent because they are driving an older station wagon. Now the child does say, I refuse to not be cool, why can't my parents drive around in one of these, and a picture of the Highlander pops up.
Why should the parents, go possibly into debt, so that their child can look "cool?" This is what I think is partial wrong with the world. Just like I have been made fun for my car, yes it is tiny and it is not the most stylish thing out there, however my car is PAID OFF, gets good gas mileage, AND it runs like a dream. Now tell me why I would go into debt to get a cooler car? There is no reason. Oh so that I can be "cool" like the rest of my peers? This is how kids wind up smoking, drinking or doing drugs at an increasingly younger age. Because society tells them it is "cool."
Is this REALLY the message that we WANT to send our kids, to ONLY be cool? OR do we want to send the message to our FUTURE LEADERS that being cool is not always the right thing to do.
Take it or leave it, this is just MY opinion.

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