Tuesday, February 16, 2010

6 Weeks In

Here it is 6 weeks into the new year and I have followed half of my resolutions. They are in the back of my mind at all times but I haven't followed all of them.

1. No dating. This also means no sex. This one I have been having no trouble with whatsoever. I am loving this one!

2. I am not in better shape. In fact I have gained a lot of weight recently. This would probably be due to some events that went on at home. However that is another blog post. I am exercising consistently but not eating right. Here is my reality check, I am going to have a lot of health problems, like I already do, if I do not do something about my weight. This is why, even though I dont want to, I am walking the dog for a long walk after this blog post.

3. Finish my education. I kind of have skipped over this one. Again its always in the back of my mind....

4. Becoming financially free. I am working on it! I am trying to not live paycheck to paycheck and learning a better budget. Slowly but surely wins the race!

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