Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

So my mom and I have made some changes at our house. One change is my mother is no longer married to my stepfather. It was a huge drama that had been coming for 2-3 years and I really do not want to get into it. However it is for the better.

The second change I am really excited about. My mother is a democrat, as am I most of the time, and we have decided to live cleaner, greener and more respectful of the earth. Our front yard is already like this as we have a collection of cactus, probably to the point of freakish but it saves on our water bill. However now we have decided to live even more greener. We more than ever separate our trash, we are starting to use biodegradable cleaning products-including laundry detergent, and we are even putting our vegetable ends into the green waste. We figured we could do a compost site for the vegetables or put it all into the green waste trashcan. The green waste trashcan really is a lot easier plus we then do not have to worry about any of our 3 dogs getting into the compost site.

The third change has been our utilities. We were having such a horrible time with Verizon Fios and Dish Network, that we finally switched. Let me tell you, in the less than week that we have had Time Warner, we have been so much happier. I can actually get Wireless on all parts of my property now, just like I pay for. What a concept!!!! I mean never before have I been able to sit in my living room and blog without being attached to a wall. Its so nice.

Another thing is being more involved with church. It sounds small but it can help it big ways. My church is small but the love of the people overflows the building. There are so many wonderful and inviting people at this church. The only downside is there are no men or women my age that attend. It is a little hard, I have always felt like an outsider at church, no matter where I go. But this time I feel the love everyone has for each other to compensate. People are really cool here.

I think that those are the major things that have been happening. I must go and start cleaning the house and getting ready for the day now!

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