Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How many resolutions?

How many resolutions will I make and break this year? Hopefully these are the only resolutions I will have, and better yet, I am hoping to not break any of them.

1. No dating for the entirety of 2010. Yes I can still flirt, I can still meet people from online, but no dating. Hanging out with friends is fine, but no dating.

2. Get into and maintain a better shape. Now I don't just mean loose weight. I can loose weight. Its more of become a better shape in the sense of not being out of breath after climbing a flight of stairs or a steep hill.

3. Finish my education so I can obtain a real paying job. Become a real librarian. Or as close to that as humanly possible in this job market.

4. Become financially free. I will have government debt until I am retired, or at least that is what it feels like, but to be free from worrying paycheck to paycheck. to know what it is like to put a ton of money into savings. That is what I want.

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