Sunday, January 25, 2009

My snow covered life.

Wow that title sounds kinda emo right? LOL oh well. My life is snow covered. We have enjoyed several bitterly cold days with the snow on all sides of us and now are about to be dumped on again. I have settled into a routine of bundling up within an inch of my life, all the while trying to placate my mother and telling her of course I am wearing enough clothing. 3,000 miles away and she still worries whether or not I have enough on to ward off the cold. Makes me laugh, however also lets me know in her own way she loves me that much.
So I fretted and fretted about getting three job offers, well they didn't offer me a position at the public library. So I am SO happy about that. Starting to feel pretty good about working at Simmons and soon the internship. I am very scared about actually doing this internship, but the money wouldnt be so bad and it would make my resume look a little heaftier. I am now currently struggling as to whether or not to put it on my resume for a job that I am applying for. I start the internship on the 4th of February, and the application for the job ends on the 20th. So if I squeeze in one week of work I could have an idea as to what I have to do, and then put it on my resume? Or should I just go ahead and leave it off? That and this job requires an essay for why I want the job. I never know what to write on stupid essays. What do they want me to say? The truth is I want to help people. I have spent the year and half in grad school and still have no real idea where I want to end up. Preferably not on the West Coast. Preferably in a public library, but it doesnt matter. As long as I can help make their lives better. I used to say I wanted to change the world, but then I realized I am not the person who gets to decide if your life is good or bad. That is not my decision....I guess that is all I have to write...

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