Friday, January 30, 2009

My quest for a job

So I was completing some homework last night when I realized a lot of deadlines for jobs I would like to apply to are coming up within the next week. I thought for at least one of them I had until the end of February, but no such luck. So today is Friday, and on Fridays I usually get to relax and read whatever book I had taken out of the library. Har Har Har. Today I am doing nothing but filling out job applications. Most of them are due by the first of February. So this means I get to have my wonderful roommate Kate sit down with me after she gets back from yoga and go over the cover letters and resumes I am about to prepare.
Some of you will be shocked when I tell you this, but I am actually applying for at least one academic librarian job. I know I know. I said I never wanted to work for another academic library, especially after APU. However there is a job that is relatively near my best friend Bethany, and I miss her like crazy. It is not the worst job in the world, and I think I might actually like it. I would not have to teach reference, which I find unbelieveably nerve racking.
For the most part I am applying to "special libraries." I really thought I wanted to work in a public library, however at this point in time the only positions I can find in public libraries is to be the library director. Now I know I can toot my own horn, and I am a pretty darn good librarian, however I am not that good. Not yet anyhow.
There are a lot of jobs out there for the many of us that would actually like to get a job in libraries, the only problem is most of them are for library directors. This is not just at the public library level, but as well as the academic library. When I entered grad school approximately a year and a half ago, we-my class- were told there would a lot of jobs in the marketplace when we graduated simply because all the baby boomers were retiring therefore job openings. HOWEVER all these baby boomers are LIBRARY DIRECTORS! And the positions for librarians who will eventually fill the library director positions take at least a year to open up. GGGRRR! All I can say is I am glad there is the internet. Without it, finding a job would be next to impossible.
I am not really a self starter, I mean I am but I have to have motivation. When I am at work, I am completely simply because I like getting the product out to the consumer as quickly as efficiently as possible with as little problems as possible. However when it comes to me, such as cataloging my DVD's, it does not happen.
On a happier note, I am not nearly as frustrated with Simmon's as I originally was. Ok I still am but now know how to approach it. I now know where the bindery is, (he he I got SO lost in East Syracuse) how to teach a lesson to people my own age or older, I am learning to do original cataloging, I am going to try and find a way to make their catalog better, and I am creating a spreadsheet so I can prove I need to buy books and others. So on this note I will say toodles and get back to my oh so exciting day of resume writing.

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  1. Hey, my dear! You'll have to let me know what you hear about that academic library job near me! =) It would be fun to be close enough to hang out again, though there are no Chopsticks House joints up here... but I don't there are any in Syracuse, either, so perhaps you've learned to live without them? lol! I know you've been here once or twice, but there are great fun things to do in one's free time that we never had a chance to try! We took on the Space Needle, yes, but we didn't get to ANY of the museums, or the underground city tour, the Puget Sound tour, any of the zoos, or the hiking! Yes, I have discovered hiking in the area! <=) But of course, wherever you end up I will come visit you when I can. I miss you too!