Friday, January 9, 2009

How much can I handle???

So I have not blogged in a week. Woopie! I have already managed to blow a promise to myself, NOT A RESOLUTION, to blog more than that. Well I would love to say its because life has been so busy...but that would be a bald faced lie! To all those I told I would call back, and that I was busy, I havent been. I have been too busy reading cheap quick read books and watching cool movies and shoveling the driveway. I know I am a horrible friend, but I just wanted to be REALLY lazy until school starts when I know I am going to be so busy my head will constantly hurt. And now onto the real problem...See below.

I am having a bit of an issue and I thought about writing it down and seeing if it makes more sense this way. I recently have taken a leave of absence at the local Target I work at. Fine and dandy with me. I have also received a new job in town. I am now working as the librarian for Simmons Institute of Funeral Services. It is a two year degree performed within 16 months, in which a person learns to be a mortician/funeral director. It is a good job. It will give a lot of experience in not only teaching a searching lesson but also in original cataloging, and in general running a library. The only other real issue that I have, is Monday. I have a job interview with a local special library here in town. I would be an intern working on scanning images, working with metadata, and working in ContentDM. This would a fabulous opportunity no matter what setting. I would be able to learn a lot.

The next problem is I am pretty sure I was offered a job at the local public library. I really am leaning toward public libraries for after I finish my degree. I have spent a year in retail and follow numerous blogs about people who work in public libraries and can see they are practically one and the same. While people drive me crazy, it is what I want to do. So here is my problem. Do I botch the interview for the local special library in town? Or do I do well and turn down the public library job? Or do I just go with working only the special library job at Simmons? Maybe I will just sleep on it, or just worry about it when and if anyone offers me a job!
Onto bigger and better things!

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