Saturday, December 19, 2009

Random Questions at Target #1

Me: Would you like a big bag for all the wrapping paper?
Guest: Do you have a big bag?
-Seriously people! Why would I ask if I didn't have a bag? You really think I would offer and just say SIKE! Just Kidding!!!!???

Guest: Can you double wrap that in the big red bags you have?
Me: We are all out of the big red bags.
Guest: The whole store?
Me: *Thinking, no of course not! For you let me pull them out of my butt!* We have been selling out faster than we can order them.

Guest: Do you have any envelopes for the gift cards? I don't see any on the lanes.
Me: We are all sold out. Happens every year. Because everyone wants to or three for every gift card they buy.

1 comment:

  1. One time I got asked which package of Trojans I prefer... some perv couldn't decide which kind his girlfriend would enjoy more. Be thankful your questions had to do with bags and envelopes!