Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting scurred

Ok so hopefully you can tell what the second word in my title is. I have been sitting on this blog post for about 5 days now so I am really hoping to write it out really well.
On Saturday I went to Knotts Scary Farm with a couple of my girlfriends. I will say it had 13 mazes. It also had all of the normal rides open, with the exception of Snoopy Land, I think that is what the little kid section of Knotts is called.
Now I haven't been to this park, not really, since I was 8. So it has been 18 years since I have visited. Let me tell you, I am really ok with going another 18 years without ever going.
The only two rides I went on were Supreme Scream and Montezuma's Revenge. I HATE heights, with a very strong passion. However because I love my friend, we went on Supreme Scream. This is a ride where you are strapped into a seat, that reminded me very strongly of my 2 year old nephew's car seat and are shot up 6, yes SIX(!), stories, dangled there for a second and then shot down about 4, then go up and down for a little bit.
Holy crap, I really had my eyes closed for a majority of it. We got all the way to the top, and thank god my friend let me hold her hand, I opened my eyes for a second saw how far off the ground we were, let out a huge scream, and squeezed really hard on her hand and re-closed my eyes. Yeah I will never do that again.

However, there were still all the mazes to go thru. Now we did go through all of them. The only ones that REALLY scared the crap out of me were the Slaughterhouse and The Corn Huskers. Man I don't know what it is about corn but it is not cool!!!!! Slaughterhouse is exactly like what you would think it is. Lots of entrails and blood and people trying to kill you. It was completely nasty.

I also really think that at the beginning of the night you are more likely to be scared, especially if you have never been there before. You are more liekly to jump when people pop out from behind corners and the like. However by the end of the night I was so tired and ready to leave that I could see people and was pointing them out for the others. I'm also pretty sure the actors were pretty tired by 1am as well.
So I guess moral of the story is, get drunk before you go, it will really scare you. But also it is good to go at least once in your life.

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  1. Another option is to eat a giant pickle right when you get there so that when the actors jump out at you, you can just breathe at them and scare THEM away! lol I did that when I went to Knotts Scary Farm in the Sophomore year of high school. At least, i think that's when it was. I went with a friend from my German class and I don't remember what all rides we went on (thankfully for my fun ratio, I enjoy heights, but I did not go on Supreme Scream! There are limits, after all) nor all the mazes, but we left the park in the wee hours of the morning, too. Fun once, but I agree; not really something I'd be jazzed to do every year!