Friday, March 11, 2011

Need some advice

Recently an article came up to my attention regarding my previous employer, and I honestly want some advice.
Should I take off this employer from my resume? I had a great deal of experience in the nine months that I worked there, most of my teaching and reference work was there.
Only once did I feel uncomfortable and I quickly got out of that scenario. I guess you could say it is a positive thing that I moved back to California and I am no longer the librarian there.
I have never used them as a reference, mostly because I didn't think the owner liked me very much. I have a sinking feeling the only reason they hired me is because I was the only one who even applied for the position....
So what do you think? Keep it or drop it?


  1. You worked at a mortuary school? I don't think people are going to be well-educated on the case. If that is most of your reference work, I would keep it.

  2. Depends on what you're applying for. If they want library references that you can only supply through the Mortuary School, keep it. If the new job doesn't specify what kind of references they want (and just use a generic "previous work references" or something), then I'd say drop it. OR at least be prepared to answer questions they might have about the article and your experiences there. Your possible-future-employer may also not have read the article, so don't bring it up if they don't.

  3. Definitely keep on your resume. Everyone knows that we lowly employees have no control over the acts of our bosses. I agree with the others that most libraries and schools would have no idea about the issues at the place of your former employment.

  4. Thank you guys! The general consensus is to keep it on my resume. An employer cannot legally ask me anything about this before I am hired anyways. It looks like I will be keeping it on there, because I never use the employer as a reference.
    And no don't worry he never did anything to me, except hug me once but a student came to my rescue.