Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vacation a-coming!

Alligators, snakes and spiders the size of hands. Oh my!
That't right, I am going to Florida! I have vacation coming up! I am going to see my grandparents next month. It will be a refreshing time. Probably wont make it to any of the Disney or Universal theme parks, but its all good.
Mostly I am looking forward to a week with almost no internet, different weather and some good old-fashioned big ass churches.
Well now I need finish getting ready to go to LA for a nice Italian dinner. This should be nice.I will post a pix later!

EDIT: Ok so I kinda forgot to take pictures while at dinner last night. However I did go to La Dolce Vita for dinner. Apparently Frank Sintra and the rat pack used to hang out here.
Never thought to actually look at the website beforehand, if I had I would have known better than to wear dark jeans. I however did not think that we really needed to adhere to a dress code when the bartender was walking around in sneakers, leggings and a sports bra. If you wanna enforce a dress code, make your staff wear appropriate clothing as well.
The food was good. I recommend the lasagna. The drinks were comparable in price to most chain restaurants, I had a Tanqueray and Tonic it was $13 and Kim had a Maitai for $12. However the food was pretty expensive. I had angel hair pasta with tomatoes and basil for $26!! It was ok but not $26 good. However the lasagna was $25 and at first we couldn't figure out why the portion was so small, then we took a bite. It was soooo good. Loaded with cream and butter. Definitely worth the cost.
We had a coupon for $70, and our bill came to $97. Worth the cost indeed. So go and try the place out! It might be the only time I ever eat in Beverly Hills! :)

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