Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Moving Day

I am moving tomorrow. Well I am moving my big stuff to a storage container tomorrow because that is when a friend has a truck that I can use. Computer guy is going to help me move boxes on Friday, although I can probably get my guy friend to get the heavy stuff out of the attic? Who knows...I will blog more later.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Current Pet Peeves

Current Pet Peeves:
1.My blog. It changed and now I cannot for the life of me think what happened to it.
2. People who go through the express line at Target and count out 95 cents in change.
2. People who go through the express line at Target and want to write a check...AND do not have a pen.
3. People who go places and want to write a check and don't bring a pen.
4. People who drive really slowly in all the lanes so no one can pass.
5. Our current economy.
6. My pessimistic attitude sometimes.
7. my non-existent career.
That is all.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

So I am have been soo busy...

Life is still crazy. Hopefully it will slow down. Hopefully I will find more time to work out since I am still carrying around 15 extra pounds. Stupid pounds, I can get rid of them and I am starting to have trouble finding anything in my closet to actually wear. Bah.
I am going through some life changes right now, trying to figure out what is going to happen. Just please continue to keep me in your thoughts as I try and figure out what all is happening in this day and age.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The one with the mouse

I don't know if I have ever mentioned it on this blog before, but there is a mouse in my house. Or I should say there WAS a mouse in my house.
For the past year my roommates and I were trying to figure out how to humanely and safely get rid of this mouse. Well yesterday I got rid of it.
Now this mouse has a tendency to come and leave little mouse dropping everywhere and in general create messes in the sink if we don't do the dishes before bed. This is also the same mouse that scared the crap out of me two weeks ago. The little bugger was hiding in a cabinet and popped out at me when I opened the door.
Now I may act all tough and non-girly most of the time, but drop an insect or bug or rodent near me and I scream like the dickens.
On Saturday night, I will admit I had put off doing the dishes for a while, the mouse did his nightly wanderings and somehow made it into one of our very tall glasses in the sink. Now I could hear him scrambling around, but I just thought he was in the sink. Until I called my girlfriend up and told her to stay on the phone while I checked-yes she is 3,000 miles away but its the point of the matter!!!!!!!
Sure enough this is when I discovered the mouse was not only in my glass, but also trapped in there!!! GROSSS!!! So what does a girl do? She flips out of course. I called Quinn, but that didnt help, so then I started texting ALL of my male friends to come and get this mouse. Oh did I mention it was 1am in NY at the time? Yeah none of my male friends were awake. So I did what any normal girl does and left it in there and figured I would make Quinn take care of it in the morning.
So I grabbed the dog and went to bed. I woke up the next morning to find it DEAD in the glass. NOT COOL! So I tried to take care of the situation by myself. HA HA Yeah I knew that wasnt going to work.
So I did what I always do when I am in trouble. I texted Zack. God love him, he is one of the greatest men alive. Yes I am dating Quinn but that man does not get up before 1pm on the weekend and I wanted that damn mouse out of my house ASAP.
So I literally sent Zack a text that asked him if he does mouse problems. I love his back "do you mean computer ones or Tom and Jerry?" Of course I mean Tom and Jerry but I didnt know if he was a squimish guy. Thank god he is NOT squimish.
So he came over got the guts (oh did I fail to mention that somehow the mouse drowned in the glass, where the water came who knows, and somehow the guts of the mouse were outside of its body?) of the mouse out of the sink, took the mouse out of my house and then proceeded to wash the dishes and anything else the mouse might have come into contact with. What a great guy!!!!!!!!
Yep, so I promised to feed him because of all this. So we are going to this little Mexican restaurant in East Syracuse that I have wanted to try for a while.

Moral of the story: I hate mice!!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Killing time

Well I have 40 minutes that I planned in my day to be helping a student write a paper, but his car had some damage done to it so now he is not at school today. Because I have all this free time I guess I could update my blog.
Honestly still not much happening. Still plugging away at getting the second master's, wont be done with that for another year. Still going to work almost everyday, still trying to find a place to live, still dating Quinn. Summer is busy as hell with social obligations with friends but still really fun.
I guess that is the only thing to say. Just busy as all ends. I just keeping hoping for that far off day in the future where I only have one job and no school...That day will come I am sure!

Information Specialist

So I came into work today and my boss automatically asked me to start searching through these various articles for him on a specific topic. I don't mind doing this at all, quite used to it in fact but it just came to me. Am I the information bitch?
When you talk about becoming someone's bitch it is because you are doing everything for them what they want, and when they tell you to. So I wonder, did I become his information bitch?
Ok maybe not but I also felt really bad for not posting ANYTHING in a week. I really felt like I should post SOMETHING. I think that is all on my mind.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone!

I sit here packing up my stuff to move, where to I am not sure yet, and I cannot believe I have all this stuff. I feel like I have crap coming out of my ears, and yet I know I still have MORE at my moms in California.
Every piece of item I know pretty much everything about it, where I got, when I last used it, stuff like that. However there is some stuff that I am finding that I am just thinking, really? Or My mom sent me this? Oh crap.

Someone needs to come de-clutter my life, except that is never going happen. I am like the majority of stuff I have. I am giving some stuff to give away, but I am pretty sure that I should get rid of a lot more.
I think that is all for now.