Sunday, September 9, 2012

Decisions, decisions

Who knew trying to figure out how one retires would be one of the more difficult decisions I make? When I was employed by Target, it made sense, to start saving for retirement because I was never going to make much money there. However now I am in a new position, and before September 20th I must make a decision on what to do with my money, otherwise I loose over $5,000. Target gave me no option besides the 401k. I was able to make basic decisions over my money-where to invest and so forth. I do have the option of taking my new employer's 401k, but upon looking at what they offer, I am not happy with the options. I was thinking about just going ahead and opening an IRA. I will not lie, the tax breaks are nice, who doesn't love to save money? I was looking at a couple of different companies, trying to determine what is the easiest route to go. I do not want to worry about my money, I know I want to make sure I place it somewhere that is FDIC insured, but I also want a company with an easy to use website as well. So what is a girl to do? If she cannot make up her, she must continue to research! LOL I love leaving things to the last minute, they help keep my "fire in the belly" to continue on! :-)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

I do enjoy some free stuff... LOL Try this coffee!